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Corporate Awards

Business Achievement Awards

Environmental Business Journal and Climate Change Business Journal

EA was recently honored with three Business Achievement Awards for 2019:  two by the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) and one by the Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ).

EA was honored by EBJ in the category of Technology Merit for successfully demonstrating the effectiveness of thermal desorption/oxidation technology to efficiently remove and destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from solid media, such as soil and granular activated carbon.  The efficacy of the technology was confirmed through pilot-scale treatability testing conducted by EA under a Strategic Environmental Research and Development research project.

EBJ also recognized EA for its Social Contribution in recognition of raising $90,000 for Water For People to address today’s global water and sanitation challenges.  The funds were donations given in support of the company-sponsored ultra-cycling team, which successfully finished the Race Across America.  The EA-sponsored team completed the cross-country race in 7 days, 20 hours, and 44 minutes and was supported by a crew that included 10 current and retired EA employees.

CCBJ recognized EA for Advancing Best Practices in Coastal Resiliency for laying the foundation for a regional strategy to address sea-level rise and shoreline stabilization in the Northern Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.  Applying a “science to solutions” process to assist Harford County, Maryland in building a greater margin of safety against sea-level rise for the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground and surrounding communities, the long-range plan identifies associated risks and provides guidance for the incorporation of resilience measures into future infrastructure planning.

2020 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

National Safety Council

Award Category:  NAICS Code 562910 Remediation Services

EA is a recipient of the 2020 National Safety Council’s Occupational Excellence Achievement Award.  This award marks the seventh time and fifth straight year that EA has been recognized for its exceptional safety record.

EA’s outstanding safety achievements are a direct result of the company’s comprehensive health and safety program, which is firmly supported by management commitment to a safe work environment.  Integral components of EA’s successful safety system include employee training, peer-to-peer observation, management review, system audits, and onsite inspections.  It has produced a proven track record in avoiding injuries, improving employee health and morale, and advancing more efficient and effective operations.

Howard Orlean Excellence in Site Reuse Award

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 10

EA was honored with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10 Howard Orlean Excellence in Site Reuse Award for its work in facilitating the Remedial Action at the North Ridge Superfund site located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  EA was one of several stakeholders whose collaborative efforts resulted in the cleanup of this 125–acre site and its return to productive use.

The award commemorates the late Howard Orlean’s committed service to EPA by recognizing those who have exhibited dedication to safely and productively reusing contaminated areas, while keeping them protective for both the public and the environment.  A complex, multiyear project, North Ridge Estates embodies the evaluation criteria as the project included the removal of 340,000 cubic yards of asbestos–containing materials and contaminated soil and the restoration of approximately 40 properties.

Industry Leader in Workplace Safety Award

National Safety Council

EA was honored with a 2019 Industry Leader Award by the National Safety Council (NSC) for excellent safety performance within its industry.  This is the second time that EA has been honored with the Industry Leader Award in the past 5 years.  Selection for the Industry Leader Award is based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, lowest total incidence rate, and employee work hours.  Within NAICS Sector 56, administrative and support and waste management and remediation services, EA was one of only two companies with more than 1 million hours worked and one of seven companies recognized.  In total, NSC honored 63 organizations, representing the top 5% of its member companies that qualified for the NSC 2019 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award.

Striving for an injury–free work environment, EA’s employee health and safety program continues to evolve as the company grows its client base, broadens its service offerings, and hires new employees.  Going beyond compliance, the key to the effectiveness of EA’s program rests with its ability to proactively recognize potential hazards and to develop a systematic plan for their control.  The company continually engages its employees in all aspects of its health and safety program through training, communications, and recognition of safe behaviors, attitudes, and work processes.

Environmental Excellence Award for Michigan Sediment Remediation Project

Western Environmental Dredging Association

EA was honored with the 2019 Environmental Excellence Award for Environmental Dredging by the Western Environmental Dredging Association (WEDA) for its environmental restoration design of the Former Zephyr Refinery Fire Suppression Ditch project located in Muskegon, Michigan. The award was presented on 5 June at WEDA’s 2019 Dredging Summit and Exposition held in Chicago, Illinois.

This project restored a 13.6–acre wetland, removed 48,870 cubic yards of contaminated sediment, and successfully treated another 1,370 cubic yards of sediment onsite.  EA’s efforts began with intensive site investigative activities, including spatial modeling, to accurately identify the extent of sediment requiring remediation.  Using the resulting data, as well as data from a habitat evaluation, EA’s design team prepared construction plans and specifications, cost estimates, and secured permits for the project remedy, which included a cofferdam, water treatment system, dewatering pad, haul road, petroleum pipeline protection, staging areas, and water supply pipelines.  Employing innovative methods and technologies, EA engineers developed an adaptive design approach that provided the flexibility necessary to successfully address site challenges, which included limited site access, dewatering, and unforeseen site conditions.

2019 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

National Safety Council

Award Category: NAICS Code 562910 Remediation Services

EA’s ongoing commitment to safety has been honored with a 2019 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award by the National Safety Council (NSC).  In 2018, EA’s safety record was stellar with no lost work time cases.  This award marks the sixth time, and fourth straight year, EA has been recognized for the exceptional achievements of its safety program.  Striving for an injury-free work environment, EA’s employee health and safety program continues to expand and improve as the company grows its client base, broadens its service offerings, and hires new employees.  Going beyond compliance, the key to the effectiveness of EA’s program rests with its ability to proactively recognize potential hazards and develop a systematic plan for their control.  The company continually involves its employees in all aspects of its health and safety program through training, communications, and positive recognition of safe behaviors, attitudes, and work processes.  With this award, the NSC recognizes organizations that have injuries and illness records better than or equal to 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics rate for their North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

2018 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

National Safety Council

Award Category: NAICS Code 562910 Remediation Services

EA’s outstanding employee safety record has earned the National Safety Council’s 2018 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award. This is the fifth time, and third straight year, EA has been recognized for the exceptional achievements of its safety program.

EA’s rigorous employee health and safety program is founded on its management’s commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. The program goes beyond compliance and reporting and implements a proactive management system to improve safety competence. This includes specialized education and training programs, access to state-of-the-art personal protective equipment and monitoring resources, clear communication of safety issues, implementation of effective processes and procedures, and active engagement with subcontractors and vendors. EA fosters a culture that emphasizes safe work practices and encourages all employees to make safety their first priority, resulting in reduced incidence of lost workdays and accidents.

The National Safety Council’s Occupational Excellence Achievement Award recognizes companies, units, and/or facilities that have reported injuries and illnesses that involved days away from work equal to or less than 50 percent of the Bureau of Labor Statistics rating for their 6 digit NAICS code and have had no fatalities during a calendar year, 1 January through 31 December.

2017 Business Achievement Award
Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: Emerging Contaminants

EA was honored with a Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ) for advancing the techniques used to evaluate the adverse ecological impacts of emerging contaminants. EA was recognized at an awards banquet held on 21 March 2018, in San Diego, California, during the Environmental Industry Summit XVI. Also, during the Summit, Ian MacFarlane, EA’s President and Chief Executive Officer, participated on a panel with other industry leaders, and discussed the actions being undertaken by the environmental industry to advance the science of emerging contaminants.

Through funded scientific research and direct project application, EA is expanding the database of knowledge and supporting the development of techniques and methodologies to evaluate the environmental impacts posed by emerging contaminants. With a focus on additive and/or synergistic effects of chemical mixtures, EA researchers presented their findings at the Emerging Contaminants Summit in 2018, and the Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Testing and Chemistry North America in 2017. In addition, EA has been actively involved in demonstrating the feasibility of technologies to mitigate emerging contaminants. Most recently, the firm was selected to be the recipient of a grant, under the Department of Defense’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, to evaluate the effectiveness of ex situ thermal desorption to treat emerging contaminant waste streams.

Gold EcoVadis CSR Rating


Award Category: Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

EA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program has earned a “Gold” rating from EcoVadis, a globally-recognized independent third-party consultancy that evaluates supply chain environmental and social performance. EA’s 2018 score places the company in the Top 1% of the more than 30,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis across all categories. This is EA’s third biennial EcoVadis CSR assessment; EA’s CSR Program was previously rated Silver in 2014 and 2016.

EA’s CSR Program was assessed across 39 criteria organized into 4 categories that address environmental, labor, fair business/ethics, and supplier practices. EA’s rating increase was driven in part by a commitment to transition from biannual to annual CSR and Carbon Footprint reporting in 2017 (https://eaest.com/corporate_sustainability.php) in accordance with GRI Standards: Core option, an emphasis on supply chain benchmarking and interactions, and a lack of external records/reports (e.g., notices of violation, regulatory fines, etc.) tracked by third-party stakeholder compliance databases.

Administrator’s Award for Outstanding Accomplishments

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EA was the recipient of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator’s Award for Outstanding Accomplishments by a Small Business Contractor in Fiscal Year 2016. EA was nominated for the award by multiple EPA offices, including several regions and EPA headquarters.

The award was presented by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt during the 27th Annual Small Business Program Awards Ceremony, which took place on 4 May 2017, at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

EA, an EPA prime contractor since 2005, was honored for its exemplary service in providing comprehensive engineering and environmental services in support of remedial planning and oversight activities across the United States. Working under EPA direction, EA has successfully performed the full breadth of environmental services related to the cleanup of Superfund sites and contaminated sediments associated with the Great Lakes Areas of Concerns. EA’s responsibilities have spanned the entire project life cycle and have included conducting remedial investigations and feasibility studies, completing the engineering design of remedial actions, and managing the construction of remedial and removal activities.

2017 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

National Safety Council

Award Category: NAICS Code 562910 Remediation Services
Primary Achievement: EA has a well-established safety and health program aimed at keeping employees, clients, and subcontractors safe. Integral to EA’s safety system is employee training, peer-to-peer observation, management review, system audits, and onsite inspections.

The National Safety Council’s Occupational Excellence Achievement Award recognizes companies, units, and/or facilities that have reported injuries and illnesses that involved days away from work equal to or less than 50 percent of the Bureau of Labor Statistics rating for their 6-digit NAICS code and have had no fatalities during a calendar year, 1 January through 31 December.

2016 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: Industry Leadership
Primary Achievement: EA was recognized with a 2016 Business Achievement Award in the category of Industry Leadership by the Environmental Business Journal® (EBJ). The honor was presented to EA’s leadership team during an awards banquet held on 22 March 2017 in San Diego, California as part of EBJ’s Environmental Industry Summit XV, hosted by Environmental Business International.

EA was recognized for publishing its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report/Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) Statement in 2016. The report reflects EA’s continued success in achieving fiscal goals, while remaining mindful of its broader impact on society and the environment. Accomplishments of EA’s CSR program, as detailed in the report, include the appointment of EA’s first Director of CSR and first Small Business Liaison Officer; establishment of a PBC Committee; continued commitment to public disclosure of CSR efforts based on Global Reporting Initiative guidelines; formalization of a strategic partnership with Water For People; development of a new Supplier Portal to enhance opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses, as well as to include sustainability considerations in EA’s supply chain; and introduction of a Paid Volunteer Time program for all employees.

2016 Merit Award

American Council of Engineering Companies/Nebraska

Award Category: Merit Award
Primary Achievement: ACEC/NE recognized EA for the high degree of achievement demonstrated in its preparation of the Little Blue River Basin Water Management Plan (Plan) on behalf of the Little Blue and Tri-Basin Natural Resources Districts (NRDs). In addition to receiving a Merit Award, the project was also recognized as the Category Winner for Studies, Research, and Consulting Engineering Services. Completed in September 2015, the Plan establishes a comprehensive strategy to manage both water quality and quantity in the Little Blue Basin including both surface water and groundwater—an innovative approach within Nebraska.

2016 Leadership Award

Maryland Green Registry

EA was one of five organizations recognized with a 2016 Leadership Award by the Maryland Green Registry. The Maryland Green Registry recognized EA for its strong commitment to sustainability, measurable results, and continual improvement. The award ceremony took place on 14 June 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland, during an event held in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council.

2015 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: Growth of New Platform of Services Focused on Emerging Contaminants
Primary Achievement: For more than a decade, EA has been conducting scientific research on the safety and toxicology of a variety of consumer product, industrial, and military constituents, evaluating their potential to cause adverse ecological and/or human health impacts. In the absence of definitive regulatory directives, including targeted cleanup levels, emerging contaminants present unique issues and challenges. EA applies a risk-based approach to evaluate and address potential environmental and public health risks posed by the presence of emerging contaminants in our nation’s water resources.

2015 Merit Award

American Council of Engineering Companies/Nebraska

Award Category: Merit Award
Primary Achievement: EA’s efforts on the Arnold Lake and Victoria Springs Lake Rehabilitation project were recognized with a 2015 Merit Award by the American Council of Engineering Companies/Nebraska. Undertaken on behalf of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Aquatic Habitat Program, the project improved the fish and aquatic community, developed fishing and boating access, and modernized outlet structures associated with these lakes. To promote a healthy fish population, the lakes were deepened and fish habitat structures were installed. To create better fishing access for bank anglers, the shoreline was reshaped and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant fishing piers and parking pads were constructed. To further increase the lakes’ recreational use, new boat docks and ramps were added, and new outlet structures were built to reduce flooding potential.

2014 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: Ownership Transition and Industry Leadership
Primary Achievement: EA was recognized for its execution of two key changes in its ownership structure and corporate registration—becoming 100% owned by its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and registering as a public benefit corporation under Delaware law. As a 100% ESOP, the economic power generated by EA is fully dedicated to growing the company and building the retirement benefits of its employees. Adoption of PBC status is in perfect alignment with the company’s environmental mission, its employees’ interest in supporting their communities, and EA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a PBC, the company will plan, measure, report, and promote its specific public benefits as it remains focused exclusively on the delivery of professional environmental services.

2014 Honor Award

American Council of Engineering Companies-Maryland

Project: Bacterial Source Tracking Project on Behalf of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Award Category: Engineering Excellence
Primary Achievement: For 8 years, EA has been employing testing methodologies and data evaluation processes to identify the source of bacteria found in surface waters within Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. Currently, a DNA fingerprint system is being employed on this project; however, given the rapid evolution of the science, the results and methodologies of the program are reevaluated on a periodic basis to ensure the most advanced testing methods are being utilized. In addition, public stakeholder meetings are an integral part of this program and there is routine collaboration with federal and state agencies as well as various citizen groups.

2014 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

National Safety Council

Award Category: NAICS Code 562910 Remediation Services
Primary Achievement: This is the second time in the last 3 years that EA’s commitment to occupational safety has been recognized through this national award. EA considers the safety and health of its employees, clients, and visitors, and the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses, to be of the highest priority. Proactively implemented, EA’s comprehensive and systematic safety and health program has contributed to more efficient and effective operations by improving employee health and morale, and by reducing workers’ compensation costs, lost time, fire and liability insurance premiums, and property damage.

2013 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: New Practice Areas
Primary Achievement: Through significant contract wins, the revenue of EA’s new contaminated sediment management practice has more than doubled over the past 3 years. With the addition of key new hires and the establishment of strategically located offices, EA has successfully leveraged the capabilities and experience of two of its core practice areas-hazardous waste assessment/cleanup and dredged material management-to significantly advance its expertise in contaminated sediment investigation, remedial alternatives development, and construction-phase services. The company’s capabilities originate from its long-standing aquatic science and impact assessment expertise, applying lessons learned to develop efficient sediment characterization strategies and effective remedies that restore aquatic function and habitat. EA utilizes a risk-based approach, which includes analysis of proportionate and relative risk, short- versus long-term effectiveness, long-term liability, new technology efficiency/reliability, and sustainability. Combined, EA’s sediment-related practices now constitute 10 percent of the firm’s multi-service portfolio.

2013 Engineering Excellence Merit Award

American Council of Engineering Companies-Nebraska

Project: North Star Wetland Enhancement and Education Project, Nebraska
Award Category: Environmental
Primary Achievement: This very collaborative project achieved both its goals: restore the functional value of the wetland, and enhance the wetland’s ability to serve as a teaching tool for students at North Star High School, which is located on the property. EA was involved in the project from its beginning and was responsible for conceptual, draft, and final design; permitting; and construction oversight. The project includes several unique features such as an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant sidewalk and ramp that make this living laboratory easily accessible to students with disabilities. Partners on this project included the City of Lincoln, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, North Star High School, and Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.

2013 LEED® Gold Certification

U.S. Green Building Council

Award Category: Commercial Interior
Primary Achievement: In keeping with its corporate commitment to sustainability, the Commercial Interior of EA’s new corporate headquarters has been awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. EA’s 57,500 square foot headquarters is on the third and fourth floors in Merritt Properties’ Schilling Green II located at 225 Schilling Circle in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Earlier this year, Merritt Properties earned LEED Platinum certification for the Schilling Green II, the highest level of recognition that can be achieved for a newly constructed building.

2013 Honor Award

American Council of Engineering Companies-Maryland

Project: Pawtuxet River Restoration Dam Removal Project in Rhode Island, the largest ecological dam removal project in state history.
Award Category: Engineering Excellence
Primary Achievement: Supporting the Pawtuxet River Authority, EA’s role in this restoration project was to conduct preliminary investigations, support regulatory coordination and application submissions, and provide final design and engineering services through the completion of construction. This highly collaborative and complex project restored 7 miles of free-flowing river habitat to one of the state’s largest and most historic waterways, increasing its velocity and reducing river depth in the adjacent upstream reach by 2-3 feet. The project achieved the goals of reducing flood occurrences, improving water quality, and restoring boating access, in addition to providing full and open passage for native migratory fish.

2012 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: New Practice Areas
Primary Achievement: EA has won this award for the growth of its Stormwater Program Management for Transportation Modals practice. EBJ recognized the company for implementing a variety of initiatives that are enhancing the way stormwater is managed by state transportation agencies. This is the sixth consecutive year that EA has been honored by EBJ for outstanding business achievement.

Working on behalf of a variety of state transportation agencies, EA has been instrumental in revising existing stormwater management programs to effectively utilize limited client resources, reduce costs, and enhance pollutant reduction efforts. EA provides complete National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit compliance services and technical assistance, including developing strategies for managing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) baseline pollutant loading and reductions achieved through Best Management Practices (BMPs), and ranking them according to performance and life cycle costs. On the national level, EA prepared the 2012 National Synthesis on Pollutant Load Reductions Strategies for Highway TMDLs and BMPs for Environmental Compliance and Stewardship at Highway Transportation Maintenance Facilities document for the Transportation Research Board. The award also recognizes EA for achieving national prominence in this area during the past 3 years.

Two Awards for EA Honolulu

2012 Mitigation and Hazard Planning Award

Award Category: Disaster Mitigation and Hazard Planning

2012 Pacific Risk Management Ohana PRiMO Partnership Award

Award Category: Recognition of outstanding partnership efforts to accomplish project or activities that serve to enhance the resilience of Pacific Communities

Project: American Samoa Tsunami Study
Under contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)-Honolulu District, EA, with joint venture partner, Helber, Hastert and Fee, conducted a Tsunami Study Resilience Study to aid hazard mitigation planning in American Samoa.

The results of the project included 12 research topic white papers focusing on pre-disaster planning and mitigation efforts. A web portal was also created as a repository for the study with links to report, relevant thematic maps, participating agency links, and a contact page for public input. An important component of the project was the development of a Post-Tsunami Advisory Council comprised of experts and knowledgeable individuals from USACE, Government of American Samoa, academia, and federal agency and non-governmental organization representatives.

The post-tsunami study was conducted under USACE’s Planning Assistance to States program in which USACE and the Government of American Samoa entered into an agreement to collaborate on this project in an effort to establish a resource base regarding current hazard management efforts in American Samoa, and provide recommendations for building natural hazard resilience in coastal communities.

Primary Achievement: By compiling available information about American Samoa preparedness before the tsunami, chronicling the response and recovery efforts made during and after the disaster, and identifying hazard mitigation needs in American Samoa, the study will help inform future disaster mitigation efforts in American Samoa. The study recognizes and builds on the inherent resilience of Pacific Island cultures developed over thousands of years of oceanic living, and Fa’asamoa, the traditional approach Samoans follow to govern village life.

2012 Environmental Council of Rhode Island Award

Project: Steel Yard Renewal Project, Providence, Rhode Island
Award Category: Senator H. Chaffee Conservation Leadership Projects.
The Steel Yard Renewal Project was a multi-year, $1.2 million Brownfield cleanup that was completed in late 2010. This project met the stringent preservation standards required of a National Historic Register site, and included an innovative design for passive, onsite stormwater management. As a result of this effort, 2 acres of once unusable land is now a public park, and home to over 100 trees, 0.5 acres of green space, and stormwater-managing wetland plants. The area is now available for concerts, art shows, and other community events.
Primary Achievement: The Steel Yard successfully reclaimed a Brownfield around a historic mill, revitalizing a community with the input of many volunteers. Unusable space is now a public park, created with over 100 trees, 0.5 acres of green space, and onsite stormwater management, bringing the community together for art shows, concerts, and public events.

Two 2011 EBJ Business Achievement Awards

Environmental Business International

Nomination 1: Green Site Remediation Toolbox
Award Category: Technology Merit in Remediation
Primary Achievement: To help foster the use of green and sustainable practices for soil and groundwater remediation projects, EA developed a “Green Site Remediation Toolbox” of procedures designed to apply to virtually any phase of a project’s lifecycle. The goal is to: (1) implement safe remedial solutions that are minimally disruptive to the environment, (2) realize energy savings through creative design and value engineering, (3) utilize renewable energy sources whenever practical, (4) embrace waste minimization and recycling concepts, and (5) emit the least amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This approach promotes the use of environmentally preferred products and clean construction techniques, including the use of solar-powered systems, green-fleet equipment, cleaner fuels, and waste-to-energy solutions.

Nomination 2: Toxicity Identification Evaluation Strategies
Award Category: Technology Merit in Water/Wastewater
Primary Achievement: Helping municipalities and industry to more effectively – and at less cost than traditional methods – identify the cause of acute or chronic toxicity in effluent wastewater and sediment. EA scientists pioneered the development and use of this specific series of physical and chemical procedures to identify acute and chronic toxicants of concern. The company has developed national toxicity identification evaluation protocols; presented numerous toxicity identification evaluation papers at scientific meetings; developed and taught short courses; and performed toxicity identification evaluation analyses in freshwater, estuarine, and marine ecosystems at more than 125 locations nationwide.

2011 Baltimore County New Directions Award

Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce

Award Category: Business Hall of Fame Dinner – New Directions Award.
Primary Achievement: Baltimore County has been EA’s home since the early 1970s, and is a great match for the firm in terms of generating business, finding qualified employees, and fueling our growth. EA announced that, in 2012, more than 200 EA employees will relocate to the company’s new headquarters building at Schilling Green II in Hunt Valley, a building planned for LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. EA also announced the construction of a new state-of-the-art ecotoxicology and biological testing laboratory facility to be built adjacent to the headquarters.

2011 ACEC/Nebraska Engineering Excellence Merit Award

Project: Groundwater Nitrate Investigations
Award Category: Small Projects
EA’s winning project was an investigation of elevated nitrate levels affecting several community water systems in the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District of Nebraska (LPSNRD). The purpose of the study was to identify the sources and extent of nitrate in groundwater and determine how to mitigate as well as prevent similar occurrences in the future.
Primary Achievement: By working collaboratively with the LPSNRD and its stakeholders, EA was able to achieve the objectives of the study, which focused on protecting community drinking water supplies by increasing public awareness and the understanding of nitrate-leaching issues.

2010 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Award Category: New Practice Areas
Primary Achievement: In early 2009, EA implemented a corporate strategy to expand its regional operations and deliver services to a broader spectrum of clients. Since that time, EA’s Pacific business unit, with offices in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam, has nearly doubled its staff, and more than doubled the number of clients it serves. In July 2010, EA expanded its Alaska presence by opening an Anchorage office to meet the growing needs of its federal customer base. In October 2010, EA acquired Blumen Consulting Group, Inc., a professional services firm based in Kirkland, Washington. Building on a 16-year presence in the U.S. territory of Guam, EA expanded its clientele to include a variety of governmental, commercial, and federal agencies.

2010 NEPA Excellence Award

National Association of Environmental Professionals

Project: Development and Implementation of Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility, Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center, and Associated Mitigation Plan at Masonville Cove
Award Category: NEPA Excellence
Primary Achievement: “The Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility addresses the long-term need for adequate placement of Baltimore Harbor’s dredged materials, providing over 15.4 million cubic yards of capacity,” wrote NAEP in describing the winning project. “Comprehensive planning by five committees enabled the project to successfully utilize existing NEPA reviews, coordinate compatible objectives, review likely alternatives, and select an effective and efficient operation for Baltimore Harbor commerce, which provides annual tax revenues of over $270 million and wages of $2.4 billion per year.”

2010 USACE-Honolulu District Awards of Excellence

Project: Southeast Oahu Regional Sediment Management project and preparation of a planning study for the Army Pacific Command and Control Facility Complex, the future U.S. Army Pacific Headquarters, at Oahu’s Fort Shafter
Award Category: EA and its joint venture (JV) partner, Helber Hastert & Fee (HHF), were honored with two Awards of Excellence in recognition of outstanding performance by the USACE-Honolulu District
Primary Achievement: The first project was an initial study for the Southeast Oahu Regional Sediment Management project, Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor, which was completed in 4 months under an expedited schedule. In presenting the award, Todd Barnes, USACE-Honolulu District Chief of Engineering and Construction, stated, “The EA/HHF JV exceeded all expectations in its performance of the contract and all tasks were performed with utmost integrity and professionalism.”

The second honored project was the preparation of a planning study for the Army Pacific Command and Control Facility Complex, the future U.S. Army Pacific Headquarters, at Oahu’s Fort Shafter. Performed by the EA/HHF JV and additional members of its technical team, the planning study defined four separate, usable phases to meet the programmed budgetary phases of this critical project.

2009 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Project: Sustainability Program
Award Category: Sustainability Program, Corporate Innovation
Primary Achievement: EA launched its Corporate Sustainability Program in 2008, and since then has invested significant time and resources to incorporate sustainability concepts into its business operations and project delivery systems. Notable program results include a 35 percent reduction in paper use at its corporate headquarters, the recycling of more than 2,000 pounds of electronic equipment, and the purchase of carbon credits to offset the impacts of corporate air travel. Most recently, the company began greening its fleet of vehicles with the addition of several hybrid vehicles.

2009 Award of Excellence

Maryland Quality Initiative

Project: Anacostia East Wetland Restoration Project
Award Category: Consultant Environmental Design
Primary Achievement: Outstanding example of engineering design as well as having a significant, positive impact on the environment.

2008 Engineering Excellence Award and 2009 Engineering Excellence Award National Finalist

American Council of Engineering Companies, Maryland Chapter

Project: Anacostia East Wetland Restoration Project
Award Category: Environmental
Primary Achievement: Outstanding example of engineering design as well as having a significant, positive impact on the environment.

2008 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Project: Environmental Management Information Systems Development Practice
Award Category: C&E Firms, New Practices
Primary Achievement: EA was honored for growth in its environmental management information systems (EMIS) development practice. Effectively launched in 2004 when the company was asked by the American Chemistry Council, Inc. (Arlington, Virginia;www.americanchemistry.com) to develop a web-based data-entry, management, and reporting system under the council’s Responsible Care program, EA has since grown its EMIS practice to 15 full-time employees and $3 million in annual revenue, with a backlog of $4 million. EA’s EMIS capabilities include software and database application development and customization, GIS enhancement, web site development and hosting, data creation and conversion, geo-referencing and map processing, network support services, digital archiving and file management, and training. The clientele for the EMIS service cuts across all of EA’s markets, including state agencies and municipalities, the federal government, private industry, and professional associations.

2007 National Environmental Excellence Award

National Association of Environmental Professionals

Project: Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project
Award Categories: (1) NEPA Excellence and (2) Planning Integration
Primary Achievement: Outstanding example of both NEPA excellence and planning integration
NAEP President Mr. Brian Moyer said, “A unique feature of our conference is the National Environmental Excellence Awards competition. The goals of the National Awards Program Initiative—this years’ 2007 National Environmental Excellence Awards—are to recognize nationally significant proven environmental achievements from across the country. We recognize outstanding environmental project or program excellence in eight different categories that are submitted each year from a variety of sources such as the Federal, State and Local Agencies, cities and towns, Companies, Groups, Individuals, Environmental Consulting Firms, and our NAEP members that represent a diverse cross-section of outstanding success stories in the environmental field.”

2007 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal

Project: Munitions Response Services
Award Category: C&E Firms, New Practices
Primary Achievement: EA was honored for growth in its Munitions Response Services practices. Starting with a single project in 1999, the practice today employs 25 full-time professionals, generates $5 million in annual revenues, and as of the end of 2007 had a backlog of about $10 million. EA currently holds 12 prime contracts with the federal government that involve activities and tasks handled through the Munitions Response Services practice. As of the end of 2007, EA was conducting qualitative assessments at 4,342 operational ranges located at 175 active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard installations in several regions of the United States and within the Pacific Installation Management Command. EA is also completing site inspections at Formerly Used Defense Sites and site inventories at more than 400 state National Guard facilities.

2006 National Environmental Excellence Award

National Association of Environmental Professionals

Project: Poplar Island Environmental Restoration Project
Award Category: Environmental Stewardship
Primary Achievement: Recognized as making an outstanding, verifiable contribution to the environment and achieving innovation in compliance methodology and integration of decision making with environmental regulatory processes.

2006 County Public Improvement Award

American Council of Engineering Companies Kansas

Project: Seward County Landfill’s Biogas Recovery System
Award Category: County Public Improvement Award
Primary Achievement: The American Council of Engineering Companies of Kansas presents Public Improvement Awards every year in several population categories for both Kansas cities and counties. Created in 1962, it is recognized as an excellent public improvement project providing great benefit to the citizens of the community.

2005 Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award Institute, Inc. (Recognition for Excellence in Brownfield Redevelopment)

Project: Save the Bay Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Award Category: Regional Award: EPA Region I
Primary Achievement: The Phoenix Awards Institute, Inc., an environmental and service nonprofit organization, is dedicated to honoring the groups that remediate and redevelop brownfield sites. Men and women are recognized who use innovative solutions with revitalization projects that transform blighted sites into new significant community assets. The Phoenix Awards showcase these winning techniques and publicize these premier redevelopment projects as models for other communities around the world.

2005 Communicator Awards Print Media Competition

The Communicator Awards

Project: Striking a Balance: A Guide to Coastal Dynamics and Beach Management in Delaware
Award Category: Educational Brochure
Primary Achievement: The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program honoring creative excellence for Communications Professionals. Founded by communication professionals over a decade ago, The Communicator Awards received over 9,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world.

The Communicator Awards provides winners and their clients the recognition they deserve and gives communications and creative professionals proof and validation that their work is outstanding and highly regarded by their peers.

2005 National Design-Build Institute of America Excellence Award

Design-Build Institute of America

Project: Design/Build Biogas Recovery System, Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. (Friona, Texas)
Award Category: Industrial/Process Sector under $25 Million
Primary Achievement: Outstanding example of design-build principles, including collaboration in the early stages of the project and the acceptance of single-entity risk. Demonstrated advanced and innovative application of total integrated project delivery and unique solutions for project challenges.

Best of 2005, Award of Merit

New York Construction (McGraw-Hill Companies)

Project: Griffiss Landfills
Award Category: Environmental
Primary Achievement: A $21.5 million project to cap landfills at the former Griffiss U.S. Air Force Base in Rome, New York, has sealed off tons of military hazardous waste. The Best of 2005 jury was most impressed by the project team’s commitment to use local contractors and workers. New Jersey-based Conti Environment & Infrastructure started with in-house staff but transitioned rapidly to a regional workforce, said Rich Hamlin, site superintendent and project manager.

2005 Texas Environmental Excellence Award

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Project: Biogas Recovery System, Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. (Friona, Texas)
Award Category: Large Business Technical
Under the Waste Reduction Policy Act of 1991, the TCEQ initiated the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards in 1993. Presented every spring, the awards are given in 11 diverse categories across the public and private sectors. By honoring these winners, the TCEQ hopes to encourage other citizens to initiate like-minded projects and reinforce a spirit of environmental stewardship.
Primary Achievement: Excellent example of an outstanding waste reduction and pollution prevention project in Texas.


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