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Testing Capabilities 

Aerobic Respirometer Tests

  • Standard Methods 5210.D
  • OECD Method 301: Ready biodegradability
  • EPA, OPPTS 835.3110: Ready biodegradability
  • ISO 7827, 9439, 10707, 10708
  • Intrinsic and extant kinetic tests

Application:  Respirometer tests are used to assess biodegradability of specific organic compounds or the mixture of organic constituents in industrial wastewaters.  Intrinsic kinetic tests are used to provide biodegradation coefficients in enriched culture, single-compound environments.  Extant kinetic tests are used to assess the biodegradation characteristics of specific organic chemicals in a natural environment such as a biological treatment plant.

Anaerobic Respirometer Tests 

  • EPA, OPPTS Method 835.3400:  Anaerobic Biodegradability of Organic Chemicals
  • Intrinsic kinetic tests
  • Anaerobic biomass activity tests
  • Anaerobic toxicity assays (ATA) and biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests

Application:  Anaerobic respirometer tests are used to assess biodegradation characteristics of specific chemicals or the mixture of chemicals in industrial wastewaters.  Intrinsic kinetic tests are used to provide biodegradation coefficients in enriched culture, single-compound environments.  Anaerobic biomass activity tests provide a measure of the maximum rate at which an anaerobic culture converts acetate to methane and to assess the fraction of active biomass in anaerobic cultures.

Bench-Scale Aerobic Reactor Tests 

  • OECD Method 302: Inherent Biodegradability: Modified Semi-Continuous Activated Sludge (SCAS) Test
  • EPA, OPPTS Method 835.3210: Modified SCAS Test
  • EPA Method 304A, Biodegradation Rates
  • OECD Method 303A:  for assessment of the biodegradation of specific chemicals in a sewage treatment environment
  • Custom-designed bench-scale reactor tests

Application:  Bench-scale reactor tests are designed to assess the rate and extent of biodegradation of specific organic chemicals or the mixed constituents of industrial wastes.  The data are used for process selection, design of full-scale treatment facilities, or to assist in the operation of full-scale facilities. Custom bench-scale tests are designed to simulate the operation of full-scale processes and to provide estimates of treatment efficiency, waste biosolids production, and response to inputs of industrial wastes.

Bench-Scale Anaerobic Reactor Tests 

  • Custom-designed bench-scale reactor tests
  • Municipal and industrial sludge treatment

Application:  Bench-scale anaerobic reactor tests are custom-designed by CEL engineers to simulate the operation of full-scale processes and to provide estimates of treatment efficiency, waste biosolids production, and response to inputs of industrial wastes.  Results of our bench-scale tests have been used worldwide as a basis for design of full-scale treatment systems.

Laboratory-Scale Pilot Tests 

  • Capabilities include design and operation of laboratory-scale pilot plants that can be run continuously under simulated full-scale operating conditions

Application:  Laboratory-scale pilot tests allow longer-term operation of treatment units and better measures of performance of reactor performance than can be justified in semi-continuous batch reactors.  These units allow simulation of full-scale operation under a variety of waste loads and operating conditions.  CEL specializes in designing laboratory-scale pilot units that have process similitude with full-sale processes.

Soil and Compost Tests

  • Slurry, static soil, or column tests of biodegradation of organic contaminants in soils
  • EPA, OPPTS 835.5154: Anaerobic biodegradation in the subsurface
  • Compost activity tests using modified ASTM Method D-5975-96.

Application:  Soil tests require special consideration to simulate the conditions in the soil environment.  CEL specializes in using specially designed columns to conduct tests of soils in a near in situ state. Compost samples are tested in essentially the same way as soil tests.

Physical/Chemical Tests

  • Carbon absorption
  • Coagulation/flocculation tests
  • Membrane (microfilter, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, and RO applications)
  • Granular-media filtration tests

Application:  Physical/chemical tests are used for pretreatment of industrial wastes prior to biological treatment, polishing of biologically treated effluents, and treatment of ground and surface waters for industrial feedstock or drinking water applications.

Standard Tests

  • Chemical analyses
  • GC analysis of volatile and semivolatile organics
  • GC/MS analysis for identification of metabolic intermediates and unknown environmental contaminants

Application:  We conduct standard analytical tests to support the batch, semi-continuous, and continuous test protocols described above.  GC and GC/MS analyses are used as needed to assess fate of specific chemicals and metabolic intermediates in treatment plants and natural environments.

Other Services

  • Onsite pilot tests
  • Forensic evaluations

Application:  We assist engineers and industries in setting up and operating onsite pilot plants for assessment of treatability or development of design parameters.  We also can conduct onsite forensic evaluations to determine cause-and-effect relationships in industrial wastewater treatment plant, or to assess the impact of industrial wastewaters on municipal treatment plants.


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