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EAs President and Chief Executive Officer Participates in Water For People Leadership Council

EAs President and Chief Executive Officer Participates in Water For People Leadership Council

Hunt Valley, Maryland (23 May 2017)—EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC (EA), a leading provider of interdisciplinary environmental services, is pleased to announce that Ian MacFarlane, EAs President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), participated in the recent gathering of Water For Peoples (WFPs) Leadership Council. EA has a formal partnership with WFP, which is the focal point of the companys environmental philanthropic efforts.

WFPs biannual Leadership Council meetings are invigorating. In addition to being a very well-run organization, its bold and achievable vision to improve the world—with its formula for success and on-the-ground impact—is truly inspiring for me and my fellow EA employee-owners, stated Ian MacFarlane. I am proud to represent EA, as a member of WFPs Leadership Council, constructively reviewing its global operations and strategy, and supporting its noble quest in whatever way we can.

We appreciate the generosity and commitment of time and talent from the members of the Leadership Council to help us deliver on our mission, said Eleanor Allen, WFP CEO. Its a great opportunity for us to spend time with industry leaders. They are engaged and willing to share their unique perspectives and expertise for the benefit of WFP and the people whose lives we are improving as we reach to new heights of scale and impact.

Comprised of senior leaders from prominent companies in the engineering and construction industry, the purpose of the Leadership Council is to corroborate on concepts to accelerate water and sanitation solutions in the developing world. During its recent meeting, WFP detailed its new strategic plan, Increase our Impact x20, which calls for the application of innovative and holistic approaches to provide for the critical water and sanitation needs of people in underdeveloped nations.

About Water For People

WFP is an international development organization dedicated to providing sustainable access to potable water and sanitation in nine developing countries. By working with national and local governments, communities, businesses, and non-profit partners, WFPs focus is on building local capacity to ensure lasting, locally sustainable results. For more information about WFP, visit www.waterforpeople.org.

About EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC

EA is a 100% ESOP-owned public benefit corporation that provides environmental, compliance, natural resources, and infrastructure engineering and management solutions to a wide range of public and private sector clients. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, EA employs more than 450 professionals through a network of 25 commercial offices across the continental United States, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. In business for more than 43 years, EA has earned an outstanding reputation for technical expertise, responsive service, and judicious use of client resources. For more information about EA, visit www.eaest.com.