"EA is incredibly supportive and understanding of life beyond work, and recognizes that life does not always permit working from 9 to 5. I think this attitude is mutually beneficial to both the productivity of the company and the happiness of the employees—happy employees work harder. I think the trust and flexibility demonstrated by the management at EA is reciprocated by dedication, loyalty, and a desire to produce nothing but top quality work by those who work for EA. Though the job can be hectic, busy, and certainly more than 40 hours per week at times, vacation time is respected and encouraged from all levels within EA."

—Erin Bergman, Geologist

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Work/Life Balance

Recognizing Your Personal and Career Priorities

In keeping with EA’s core ideology [click to view the President’s message page], EA encourages the pursuit of a healthy, productive, and balanced lifestyle that includes a rewarding career and a satisfying home life.

Flexible Work Arrangements, granted on a case-by-case basis, enable you to adjust your work schedule to accommodate your personal and family needs.

Vacation, Sick Time, and Personal Leave (Paid and Unpaid) provides time off and sometimes salary and benefit continuation to help you address work, personal, and community responsibilities and interests that are essential to your well being.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account—This service makes it easy for you to set aside pre-tax funds to pay for care of children or other dependents while you work.

Special Events at the Office—These activities vary by location and include holiday festivities, lunchtime cookouts, wellness programs, social events, community involvement opportunities, and picnics for employees and their families.

Discount Programs—Employee discounts to nationwide theme parks, movie theaters, restaurants, retailers, fitness centers, and service providers are available.