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Site Investigation/Remediation Services

Employing ASTM and Triad Protocols for Assessments and Investigations

Applying ASTM methods and the Triad approach, EA has a proven track record of accurately characterizing site conditions, determining contaminant pathways, and identifying potential receptors. In addition to evaluating plume dynamics, hydraulic properties, and operating parameters, EA routinely characterizes the complex redox conditions of aqueous environments. EA professionals are nationally recognized in the field of human health and ecological risk assessment—a critical component in today’s world of risk-based cleanup and closure.

Complete Objectivity in the Feasibility and Design Process

At EA, we have no financial interest in any remediation technology—no strategic alliances, no written agreements—our only investment is in our clients and selecting the technology that matches their environmental strategies and achieves their remediation goals. As a result, we are equally proud of the remedial systems that we never installed because this means that the results of our investigations proved that human health and the environment would be protected without undertaking costly and needless remediation.

Incorporating Sustainable Principles and Methodologies

EA is a leader in incorporating sustainable concepts and practices throughout the remedial action process. Our comprehensive environmental remediation services include total life-cycle management services for environmental remediation systems such as system startup, operation and maintenance, system performance monitoring, optimization strategies, and system decommissioning/site closure.

A listing of EA’s Site Investigation/Remediation services we regularly perform is shown below:

  • Phase I Property Transfers
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Tank Management and Corrective Action
  • Brownfields Redevelopment
  • CERCLA-Related Services
  • RCRA Services
  • Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Long-Term Monitoring/Long-Term Operations
  • Remedial Process Optimization