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Site Characterization and Remediation

Full Service Capacity to Address Your Toughest Problems

As a science-based company, EA has investigated and assessed onsite environmental conditions at thousands of sites across the United States and abroad under cost, unit, and fixed price contracts, including performance-based and GFPR remediation contracts. We apply this information to construct conceptual site models, perform risk assessments, and engineer remedial designs. We routinely manage and self-perform remedial actions, have extensive experience working under performance-based contracts, and have implemented sustainable “green” remedial technologies at sites ranging from corner gas stations to federal Superfund sites. Our technical staff and field crews are experienced with hazardous wastes; petroleum, oil, and lubricants; mixed waste; radioactive constituents; hazardous building materials; unexploded ordnance; and munitions constituents.

EA’s approach is to accurately weigh your environmental risks in balance with comprehensive financial analyses and precise scheduling forecasts. We identify the constituents of concern, characterize site-specific conditions, quantify human health and ecological risks, and address both regulatory and public concerns. We routinely apply historical data to model future scenarios and take advantage of the benefits of Brownfields and related programs.

Technical Skill, Scientific Integrity, and Practicality

We have developed and utilized safe and technically sound regulatory-approved methods to assess and remediate site environmental conditions in a cost-effective, value-added manner—clearly identifying the extent of our clients' potential environmental liability and incorporating sustainable “green” technologies and business practices. We understand the need to minimize costs, while at the same time achieving permanent and effective remediation of every site. In addition, since we do not market or own patents to in situ cleanup technologies, we offer an unbiased approach to selecting and implementing remedial strategies for sites requiring active remediation.