2016 Publications and Platform Presentations

22nd Annual Conference of the Maryland Water Monitoring Council, Linthicum, Maryland (December)

Hart-Miller Island Exterior Monitoring: Examination of Spatial and Temporal Trends in Sediment Metla Chemistry
Authors: M. Powell, H. Miller, G. Harman, A. Peñafiel, and P. Derrick

Maryland Water Monitoring Council Annual Conference, Linthicum, Maryland (December)

Fisheries Resource Inventory near Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
Authors: E.T. Methratta, M.P. Stevens, M. Durbano, M. McCauley, and T. Beser

Restore America’s Estuaries and the Coastal Society 2016 Summit, New Orleans, Louisiana (December)

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Tools for Marsh Elevation Enhancement Projects – A Streamlined Approach to Evaluate Habitat Tradeoffs in the Face of Sea Level Rise
Author: S. Whitin

Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting Platform Presentation, Arlington, Virginia (December)

Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative: Development and application of an approach for high-throughput screening-level human health risk assessment for nearly 600 ingredients
Authors: P.C. DeLeo, M. Ciarlo, C. Pacelli, W. J. Greggs, E.S. Williams, B.W. Brooks, C. Scott, and Z. Wang

Association of Pacific Ports Seminar: Rail Transportation at Ports, Portland, Oregon (November)

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance at Intermodal Rail Facilities
Author: R. Price

7th SETAC World Congress/37th SETAC North America Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida (November)

The Utilization of Copper Water Effect Ratio Studies for Industrial and Municipal Discharges: A Review of Case Studies
Authors: M. Chanov, W. McCulloch, M. Durbano, and M. Jirsa

Risk Reduction Assessment as a Means of Quantifying Benefits of a Potential Dredged Material Containment Facility in the Patapsco River, Baltimore Harbor, Maryland
Authors: M. Ciarlo, P. Derrick, C. Cheatwood, F. Barranco, and M. Powell

Visual Field Characterization of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid in Sediment Cores: Developing Standardized Tools Relevant to Assessment and Remediation
Authors: M. Ciarlo, F. Barranco, R. Short, M. Gelinas, and J. Beaver

ESOP Association Conference and Trade Show, Las Vegas, Nevada (November)

Is Public Benefit Corporation Status Right for My ESOP?
Authors: I. MacFarlane, P. Ney, and ESOP Law Group

American Water Resources Association 2016 Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida (November)

Hydrodynamic and Hydraulic Modeling to Assess Floodplain Impact and Bridge Scour Due to Replacement of Bridges
Author: C. John

Perdue Environmental Manager’s Meeting, Ocean City, Maryland (October)

National Air Quality Issues
Author: J. Kumm

American Council of Engineering Companies Fall Convention, Colorado Springs, Colorado (October)

ESOP/Compensation Issues
Session Moderator: P. Ney

SAME Denver Post – 2016 Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites, West (October)

Challenges of Active Remediation of Asbestos-Contaminated Soil in a Residential Community (North Ridge Estates)
Authors: S. Babcock, M. Bowman, K. Pallari, and K. Kearney

American Council of Engineering Companies Finance Forum, Nashville, Tennessee (September)

ESOP/Compensation Issues
Session Moderator: P. Ney

2016 County Engineers of Maryland Fall Conference, Ocean City, Maryland (September)

Qualifications-Based Selection of A/E Firms
Session Panelist: M. Smith

Massachusetts Audubon Society Climate Change – The Local Impact, Dartmouth, Massachusetts (September)

Restoration Techniques for Salt Marsh Systems Degraded as a Result of Submergence
Author: S. Whitin

Power Plant Pollutant Control and Carbon Management “MEGA” Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland (August)

Reduction of Pollutant and Carbon Emissions through CHP at Johns Hopkins Medical Campus.
Authors: J. Kumm, C. Duell, D. Eldridge, A. Gimburg, A. McClaskey, and J. Ross

EPRI Clean Water Act §316(b) Technical Implementation Challenges for Great Lakes Power Plants Conference; Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant, Visitor’s Center, Bridgman, Michigan (August)

NRG’s 316(b) Implementation Status and Challenges
Authors: M. Race, S. Frank, and J. Wozniak

Comparison of Nearshore and Offshore Ichthyoplankton Densities: An Approach to Achieving BTA for Entrainment under Clean Water Act Section 316(b)
Authors: J. Rager and G. Seegert

146th American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri (August)

Coordination for Implementation of the 316(b) Rule for Two Utilities on the Missouri River
Author: D. Bigbee

Collaborative 316(b) Study of Seven Power Plants on the Ohio River, Year 1 Results
Authors: G. Seegert and J. Rager

Battelle Tenth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Palm Springs, California (May)

In Situ Enhanced Biological and Chemical Reduction Pilot Study of TCE in Complex Fractured Bedrock
Authors: F. Barranco, K. Fox, J. Drummond, F. MacMillan, B. Rundell, R. Bower, and D. Leigh

In Situ Remediation of Shallow Soils Impacted by Arsenic-Contaminated Groundwater Seeps
Authors: S. Saalfield, F. Barranco, D. Straume, and S. Yankay

Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference, Annapolis, Maryland (April)

Fisheries Resource Inventory near Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
Authors: E.T. Methratta, M.P. Stevens, M. Durbano, M. McCauley, and T. Beser

Ninth Symposium, Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (April)

Leachability Evaluation Used in Treatability Bench Study and Implementation of In Situ Stabilization/Solidification
Authors: B. Liu, T. Telisak, D. Abshire, and C. Hueni

American Mineralogist, 101, 7–24

Pathways for nitrogen cycling in Earth’s crust and upper mantle: A review and new results for microporous beryl and cordierite
Authors: G.E. Bebout, K.E. Lazzeri, and C.A. Geiger

Anomaly. Journal of Paleolimnology, 56; 79-92

Combining lake core records with the limnologic model DYRESM-CAEDYM to evaluate lake response during the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate
Authors: B. Bracht-Flyr and S.C. Fritz