2015 Publications and Platform Presentations

Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting Platform Presentation, Arlington, Virginia (December)

Deterministic Exposure Assessment of Ingredients Used in Consumer Cleaning Products in the United States
Authors: M. Ciarlo, E. Spencer Williams, M. Ciarlo, C. Pacelli, B. Greggs, P. DeLeo, and B. Brooks

SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah (November)

The Utilization of Toxicity Identification Evaluation Procedures as an Investigative Tool for Wastewater Treatment Design in a Developing Country
Authors: M.K. Chanov, W.L. McCulloch, M. Durbano, M. Jirsa, and V. Yurche

Relationships between PAHs and Sediment Setting in River Sediments from Detroit, Michigan
Authors: J. Cole, M. Ciarlo, and M. Powell

What is the purpose of ingredients used in everyday household cleaning products? A study on the distribution of functions for ingredients in laundry, dish, and hard surface cleaning products
Authors: P. DeLeo, C. Pacelli, B. Greggs, S. Williams, and M. Ciarlo

Dredging 2015 Technical Conference Platform Presentation, Savannah, Georgia (October)

Commencement Bay Nearshore Tideflats Superfund Site – Confined Disposal Facilities, Past, Present, and Future, Tacoma, Washington
Authors: J. Beaver et al.

Feasibility Study Volume Estimation for Contaminated Sediments: Modeling Tools and Lessons Learned from Comparison of Case Studies.
Author: M. Ciarlo

Innovative Methods for Assessing Impacts and Mitigation for Dredging and In-Water Construction Projects
Authors: K. McCormick and P. Derrick

Fourth EPRI Thermal Ecology and Regulation Workshop (September)

Long-Term Effects of Thermal Discharges on Fish Communities near Several Ohio River Power Plants
Author: R. King

American Chemical Society 19th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference Platform Presentation, Bethesda, Maryland (July)

Transparency in cleaning product formulation: What do we know about ingredients and potential for human exposure?
Authors: P.C. DeLeo, E.S. Williams, M. Ciarlo, C. Horne, and W. Greggs

ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, California (July)

Tracking municipal snow operations in real-time using ArcGIS Online, Prince George’s County, Maryland
Author: B. Schrayshuen

Maryland Municipal Stormwater Association, Millersville, Maryland (May)

Microbial Source Tracking and Fecal Bacterial TMDLs
Authors: M. Powell, C. Hagedorn, M. Chandler, W. Rue, and J. Kimchi

SETAC Chesapeake and Potomac Regional Chapter, Columbia, Maryland (May)

A comparative benthic macroinvertebrate study following capping of stream sediments
Authors: E.T. Methratta, M.M. McCauley, and R.A. Connelly

National Capital Region Water Resources Symposium of the American Water Resources Association Abstract and Platform Presentation, District of Columbia (April)

Microbial Source Tracking in the Greater Washington, D.C. Region
Authors: M.W. Powell, C. Hagedorn, and M. Chandler

National Military Fish and Wildlife Association Conference, Omaha, Nebraska (March)

Intentional Wetland Restoration in an Airfield’s Clearzone at JB Andrews
Author: D.M. Savercool

Battelle Eighth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, New Orleans, Louisiana (January)

Three-Dimensional Spatial Analysis of 15 Years of Data for the Manistique River Area of Concern Conceptual Site Model Visualization
Authors: M. Ciarlo, J. Beaver, M. Powell, D. Roznowski, S. Lehrke, and J. Wright

Design Solutions for the Milwaukee River Channel Sediment Site: Strategies for Pre-Construction Volume Estimation and Removing Scattered Sources
Authors: M. Ciarlo, J. Trombino, J. Byler, M. Burzynski, W. Fitzpatrick, and K. Haley

Lessons Learned from Sites in Three Great Lakes Areas of Concern on Feasibility Study Volume Estimation Based on Sampling and Survey Data
Authors: M. Ciarlo, K. Kowalk, J. Beaver, D. Roznowski, S. Lehrke, M. Powell, and J.P. Wright

Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 47(7):558

Using Dye Tracer Studies to Assess Munitions Constituents Transport in Karst Terrane
Authors: K.T. Sharpe, and A. Hughes