2014 Publications and Platform Presentations

SETAC 35th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia (November)

Ecotoxicological Testing of Sediment and Elutriate Samples for an Environmental Impact Assessment of a Proposed Marine Phosphate Mining Site
Authors: M.K. Chanov, W.L. McCulloch, C. Holmburg, M. Jirsa, and V. Yurche

7th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and 24th Biennial Meeting of the Coastal Society, National Harbor, Maryland (November)

American Samoa Tsunami Study – Community Resilience
Author: D.M. Savercool

Battelle Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Monterey, California (May)

Use of Passive Soil Gas to Indicate Change in Remedy at a Dry Cleaner Site
Authors: J.T. Snyder, J. Frain, T. Telisak, G. Baumgarten, and C. Hueni

Stormwater – The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals (May)

Advancements in Bacterial Source Tracking
Author: M. Powell

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Florida Scientist (April)

Shell stable isotope chemistry distinguishes hatchery reared from wild Florida apple snails
Co-Author: A.L. Garr

Stormwater – The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals (March)

Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision Rating System
Authors: R. Morris and D. Briglio

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Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Technical Report TR-56 (March)

The Acushnet River Restoration Project: Restoring Diadromous Populations to a Superfund Site in Southeastern Massachusetts
Co-Author: H.L. Becker