2013 Publications and Platform Presentations

2013 North Atlantic/New England Joint Education and Training Symposium – Society of American Military Engineers, Baltimore, Maryland (November)

Sustainability by Use of Combined Heat and Power
Author: J. Kumm

SETAC Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee (November)

What Ingredients are present in everyday home cleaning products? Preliminary findings and trends from the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative
Authors: P. DeLeo, M. Ciarlo, C. Horne, S. Williams, and B. Greggs

Case Study: Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Embryonic Testing as a Freshwater Biomonitoring Tool in the United States
Authors: M. Chanov, W. McCulloch, R. Connelly, and W. Goodfellow

Journal of Molluscan Studies Advance Access (September)

The Presence of an Exotic Snail, pomacea maculata, Inhibits Growth of Juvenile Florida Apple Snails, pomacea paludosa
Co-Author: A.L. Garr

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2013 Guam Coral Reef Symposium at the 27th Pacific Islands Environment Conference, Tumon, Guam (June)

Stream Dynamics: Watershed Management’s Critical Link in Guam’s Terrestrial and Coastal Ecology
Authors: D.M. Savercool, J. Morris, and J. Soriano

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (May)

Risk-Based Evaluation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Vapor Intrusion Studies
Authors: R. Brewer, J. Nagashima, M. Kelley, M. Heskett, and M. Rigby

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2013 Island Sustainability Conference, University of Guam (April)

American Samoa Tsunami Study, An Example of Sustainable Land Use and Community Resilience Following a Catastrophic Event
Author: D. Savercool

Canadian Water Network Changing the Water Paradigm: Connecting Water Resources Conference (March)

Continued Maturation of Environmental Assessments Over the Last Two Decades
Author: W. Goodfellow, Jr.