2012 Publications and Platform Presentations

PIANC USA/COPRI ASCE 2012 Dredging Conference (October)

A Tutorial for Identifying a Project-Specific Dredged Material Placement Site
Authors: K. McCormick and P. Derrick

Identifying and Constructing a Dredged Material Placement Site while Protecting a Unique Coastal Freshwater Marsh
Author: K. McCormick

Masonville DMCF: Integrating Dredged Material Management with Environmental Restoration and Recreation Opportunities
Authors: J. Hulbert, K. McCormick, and P. Derrick

Nutrient TMDLs and Their Effect on Dredging Operations in Chesapeake Bay
Authors: W.J. Rue, N. Brown, G. Harman, and K. Oseroff

142nd Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society (August)

Long-Term Effects of Thermal Discharges on Fish Communities near Ohio River Power Plants
Authors: R. King, G. Seegert, and J. Vondruska

2012 Southeastern North American Lake Management Society Conference (May)

Mechanical Macrophyte Harvesting, What’s the Catch?
Author: K. Cummings