2010 Publications and Platform Presentations

North American Journal of Fisheries Management 30:1420-1433, American Fisheries Society (December)

Survival of Fish Impinged on a Rotary Disk Screen
Authors: D. Bigbee, R. King, K. Dixon, D. Dixon, and E. Perry

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2010 Annual Conference American Water Resources Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November)

ABSTRACT – Session 62: Beaverdam Creek Water Quality Retrofit & Stream Stabilization, Anacostia River, Prince George's County, Maryland
Authors: A. Abbasi, A. Koskelo, J. Morris, and Q. Ngyuen

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North American Journal of Fisheries Management Vol. 30, No. 5: pp. 1149-1175, American Fisheries Society (October)

Factors Influencing Impingement at 15 Ohio River Power Plants
Authors: R.G. King, G. Seegert, J. Vondruska, E.S. Perry, and D.A. Dixon

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Small Business Programs Environment Consulting Counseling (July)

EPA Contractor Success Story
Authors: F. Meyer

The Seventh International Conference: Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Batelle, Monterey, California (May)

Advancements in Use of Surfactant for LNAPL Remediation (#483)
Authors: J. Hayward, T. Porter, F. Barranco, and J. Harwell

Vadose Zone Soil Treatment of a Trichloroethylene Source Area Using DPT (#456)
Authors: J. Frain, M. Wilkinson, and F. Barranco

The Sustainability of In-Situ Biochemical Reduction of TCE in Groundwater When Influenced by Chemical Oxidation Treatment (#462)
Authors: F. Barranco, J. Frain, and M. Wilkinson

Innovative Method for Assessing Contaminant Mass Distribution and Destruction (#657)
Authors: P. Caprio, M. Magilton, and R.C. Asreen

Panel World Magazine (March)

New USEPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule Means it's Time for Affected Plants to Act
Author: R. Newman

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