"EA has always been extremely proactive in promoting Graduate-Level Continuing Education of their employees, with excellent benefits for tuition reimbursement. After 5 years with EA, I was interested in pursuing a full-time Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. EA was extremely supportive of this endeavor, participating as a committee member on my dissertation and offering me a fitting position when I finished. Now I teach graduate-level environmental engineering classes at a local university in addition to working at EA. I am grateful to the company for allowing me to pursue my professional goals in a way that personally worked for me."

—Dr. Frank Barranco, P.G.,
   Senior Vice President and Director of
   Quality Control

"EA encouraged and supported my efforts to achieve P.E. and LEED AP professional certifications and continues to facilitate my professional growth including participation in conferences, workshops, and seminars as both a presenter and an attendee. This support has been an invaluable resource for my personal growth expanding my knowledge of the industry, while providing me with great opportunities to share my expertise with colleagues. The networking and educational opportunities provided have greatly enhanced my professional stature, and my career."

—Richard Price, P.E., Project Manager

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Professional Development

Continuous Improvement is Our Way of Life

Career development planning, mentoring, business management training, and individual coaching sessions are key components of our culture. We strive for advanced degrees and to exceed industry standards for certifications, registrations, and licensure. We conduct in-house training programs in EA-specific processes and procedures, and we support attendance at outside seminars and workshops that present best-in-class business practices.

Little wonder that we often promote from within; in fact, many members of our senior management team started their careers with us as staff scientists, geologists, engineers, or technicians.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Our tuition reimbursement program is a means of maintaining EA’s reputation for technical excellence and seeks to provide our employees maximum opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in an ever changing world. With that in mind, we provide full tuition reimbursement (subject to achieving certain academic standards) for approved job-related coursework without having an annual limit placed on the number of classes that may be taken.

Training and Continuing Education

EA offers financial support for you to earn advanced professional registrations and certifications such as PE, PG, CIH, CSP, PMP, AICP, CHMM, and LEED AP, among others. We support professional society activities, and encourage you to accept leadership roles in these organizations and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals. We also provide financial assistance when you complete job-related course work or pursue advanced degrees. We offer training opportunities and financial support for staff at all levels, including an ongoing Project Manager Training Program conducted as an annual 2- or 3-day seminar, with content available online year-round to all staff.

Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars

EA recognizes the extreme importance of having everyone on our team current with the latest advancements in their profession. And so, we often offer financial support for you to attend industry conferences and workshops and to avail yourself of the benefits of participating in seminars—in person as well as online—to enhance your skills, increase your standing in your profession, and increase the value we provide our clients.

Career Development Plan

Each year, our employees revisit their personal Career Development Plans and discuss them with their supervisors to determine what actions/behaviors/results are needed to best achieve their career goals.