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"Coming straight out of college, EA has helped me transform from a student into a professional. They have invested in me, presented me opportunities for growth, and have always acknowledged me for my work. Itís great to come to work every day feeling like Iím an active contributor towards the success of the company."

óSadie Barr, Scientist
(Presidentís Selection Program)

"Working at EA has proven to be an excellent place to start my professional career. As someone with diverse academic interests in science, policy, and economics, I had a tough time deciding which field I wanted to work in. Joining EA through the Presidentís Selection Program eliminated the need to choose just oneóinstead, I have had the opportunity to work for a variety of clients with vastly different needs, under the supervision of supportive, dedicated, collaborative staff who are experts in their disciplines. My projects range from research and technical analysis to organizational and environmental management, both for the public and private sector, which provides me an incredible breadth of experience for whatever direction my career takes me."

óMatthew Bradley, Analyst
(Presidentís Selection Program)

"EA strongly encourages the professional development of its new hires. Since coming to this company as a recent graduate, I have been surrounded in an environment with high caliber scientists and engineers that have supplemented my personal and technical growth."

óKenneth Min, Engineer
(Presidentís Selection Program)

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Presidentís Selection Program

This program is an annual recruitment effort personally led by EAís President, Ian MacFarlane. Mr. MacFarlane screens and interviews full-time (graduating or recently graduated) candidates, both undergraduate and graduate levels, in coordination with operations leaders from EAís various offices.

Each year, we target a Presidentís Selection position for each of our five business units. Some of those selected may also be chosen as Marketing Apprentices to work for several months at EAís headquarters on key proposals before being transferred to their eventual EA location.

For details about the Program, and to apply, click here: (President's Selection Program).

Individuals can also respond to specific job announcements on our job posting web page as they arise, applicable to entry level positions.

For additional information or questions, please email our Human Resources Recruiter, Michele Bailey, at, or phone 410 527 2481.