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Natural Resources

Full Service Natural Resource Services to Meet Your Project Needs

EA was founded as Ecological Analysts, Inc. 45 years ago to help electric utilities meet the regulatory requirements established under the Clean Water Act for the protection of our natural resources, in particular to minimize adverse environmental impacts of entrainment and impingement at cooling water intakes under Section 316(b). Throughout our history, we have continued to develop and grow our natural resource capabilities. Today, we have the technical staff to address natural resource project needs in both the aquatic and terrestrial environments. We not only understand the natural resource functions but are experts in working with our clients to develop projects that adequately protect or enhance the environment. EA maintains an excellent professional working relationship with many federal, state, and local regulatory agencies by understanding their requirements and processes. This relationship and the ability to provide resource area experts in all natural resource areas allow us to complete the most complicated projects in a timely manner.

One Size Does Not Fit All

EA is also acutely aware of the one size does not fit all model, in that we develop programs that meet the needs of individual projects and clients. We work with our clients to give them an honest assessment of what is required to complete a project that will minimize their risks of schedule delays and cost overruns. We use that approach for any project from a natural resource inventory to complicated Environmental Impact Statements.

Applied Natural Resource Solutions

While most of EA’s scientists hold advanced degrees and have conducted a significant amount of scientific research, we take great pride in applying the fundamentals of natural resource management to solve real world problems. Examples of this include being a national leader in the beneficial reuse of sediments, solving water quantity and quality disputes among users, and designing state-of-the-art fish passage structures, to name a few. In all of these cases, we apply sound—often cutting edge—science to accomplish the goals of the projects. EA takes great pride in helping clients from project planning through project completion.