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Munitions Response Services

Comprehensive Munitions Response Services Platform

EA has completed hundreds of task order assignments through standalone, multiple award, and single-award IDIQ contracts with all branches of the military, and numerous state agencies and private contractors. We routinely complete assignments under performance-based, firm-fixed price, and cost-reimbursable contracts, and can provide both bonding and insurance coverage.

Our Munitions Response Services platform includes the following:

  • Military Munitions Response Program Site Investigation and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
  • Operational Range Assessments
  • Munitions Constituents Sampling and Risk Assessments
  • Geophysical Investigations
  • MEC/UXO Avoidance, Removal, and Disposal
  • MEC Construction Support
  • Small Arms Range Remediation and Best Management Practices.

20 Years of Excellence

EA knows what it takes to effectively assess and respond to risks posed by UXO, discarded military munitions, and munitions constituents. Our 20-year partnership with DoD testifies to our ability to successfully address the human health, safety, and environmental challenges associated with munitions and explosives of concern. With our well-established Munitions Response Services platform, EA continues to support DoD’s mission to minimize future liabilities, while enhancing long-term sustainability.

Addressing Public and Regulatory Concerns

EA has a proven track record of effectively working with stakeholders and gaining their concurrence on critical issues such as future land use controls and remedial actions. As evidenced by our success under the Army’s Operational Range Assessment Program, Military Munitions Response Program, and Formally Used Defense Sites programs, EA has developed strong working relationships with state and federal regulators and stakeholders nationwide, including territories outside of the continental United States. Our achievements in gaining regulatory and stakeholder consensus are further enhanced by EA’s unfailing implementation of the Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project Plans. EA utilizes this consistent, streamlined, systematic planning process on every MEC project, which results in reducing review time and revision cycles—providing significant cost savings.

Safety is EA’s No. 1 Priority

EA has never had an Explosive Safety Incident or Accident. Every MEC specialist has the right and responsibility to “stop work” in the face of unsafe work conditions, and this empowerment directly contributes to EA’s outstanding safety record. Through a concerted company effort led by our Corporate Health and Safety Director, EA perpetuates a “culture of safety” throughout the entire organization. EA’s visible commitment to safety is constantly communicated through safety newsletters, monthly company-wide safety conference calls, risk management reviews, and open communications with our clients. Practicing both their responsibility and accountability for maintaining EA’s exemplary safety performance, our full-time staff of Senior MEC Specialists (Explosive Ordnance Disposal-Trained) actively participates in every risk and technical document review to ensure compliance with all DoD, state, federal, and EA corporate policies.