Core Ideology =
Core Purpose + Core Values

Core Purpose

  • To improve the quality of the environment in which we live, one project at a time.

Core Values:

  • Openness—We believe in sharing ideas and information, inviting inquiry, encouraging a diversity of opinions, appreciating others’ views and motives, and spirited debate.

  • Prudence—We believe in judicious use of resources and circumspection of risks.

  • Balance—We believe that the combination of flexibility to lead a full personal life and hard work creates the most rewarding environment.

  • Challenge—We believe in seeking out, taking ownership of, and reveling in the domain where collaborative ideas are valued, impediments are surmounted, and complex problems are solved.
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A Message from Ian MacFarlane, President and CEO

Dear Friends:

Photograph of the President, Ian MacFarlane What makes EA different than the universe of other environmental and engineering firms out there? To sum it up in one sentence, we are at our best when confronted by complex problems with compound technical and management challenges, most often requiring an integrated, interdisciplinary approach. In fact, we thrive on these types of projects, big or small, where EA can add value through first understanding the varied project challenges, then systematically peeling back the onion, so to speak, and making progress toward our client goals.

I credit our heritage as a scientific consulting firm, dealing with ill-defined problems 46 years ago, to putting EA on the path to this differentiation today. One of EA’s Core Values—Openness—in its broadest sense, stemmed from that scientific beginning and is now deeply engrained within our culture. Our Openness compels us to define problems deeply, analyze objectively, understand all viewpoints well, communicate respectfully, and generate ideas prolifically. From our founding, we have now developed an integration competence across the professional disciplines of engineering, science, and technology, yielding what I believe is a distinct ability to responsively address the complex challenges that face our clients today. In addition, what further separates EA is our capability, indeed our passion, to manage all of this efficiently, with “prudence” and a knack for doing more with less.

As a 100% employee-owned public benefit corporation, the future is bright for EA. We are healthy and growing, a testament to the confidence our clients and employees have in us. With environmental sustainability on front stage, combined with an increasingly resource-constrained world, our services—particularly the distinct way those services are delivered—will grow in demand. I look forward to exciting times ahead!

Thank you for visiting our website.


Ian D. MacFarlane
President and Chief Executive Officer
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC