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State and Municipal Government

Serving the Public Sector Since 1973

With 45 years of experience working with public agencies across the country, we understand the unique opportunities, challenges, and constraints that face many of our public sector clients. EAs project managers have teamed with state and municipal clients, regulatory agencies, community groups, and municipalities. With offices strategically located across the continental United States, as well as operations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam, EA is local and ready to support your objectives. We have provided environmental, engineering, natural resource, technology, and program/construction management services to cities, villages, and towns of all sizes, as well as to county and state governmental agencies and quasi-governmental agencies across the country.

Partnering with Clients and Building Consensus

Gaining the acceptance of a public works project by members of the affected community is often a critical key to the ultimate success of the project. EA's experienced project managers, scientists, engineers, communications, and technology professionals work with you to develop public outreach programs that effectively communicate your message and streamline the public participation process.

Representative services include:

  • Building Systems Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Combined Sewer Outfall/Sanitary Sewer Overflow Studies
  • Energy Services
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Program Management and Construction Management Services
  • Site Characterization and Remediation
  • Stormwater System Design and Permitting
  • Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration
  • Technology Solutions
  • Waterfront Development
  • Zoning and Permitting Assistance