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Inspirational Leaders of EA’s Legacy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Dave Santoro – In the Built, Human Environment

Dave Santoro, P.E., LS, was hired on as one of EA’s first non aquatic scientists in 1981 to help the company diversify into environmental engineering and site remediation. With a degree in agricultural engineering from The Ohio State University and experience in land development and landfill engineering prior to EA, Dave had the perfect background to leverage EA’s heritage in environmental science to help build the firm’s competency in scientifically-sound cleanups and environmental infrastructure design.

As EA’s Chief Engineer for more than a quarter century, Dave has overseen or touched on virtually all of EA’s projects involving engineering (and then some), with over a dozen professional engineer (P.E.) licenses in multiple states and territories. Dave’s most recent service includes directing EA’s Quality Control Program by working with EA’s Technical Chiefs across EA’s 26 offices and operations to assure we deliver 100 percent client satisfaction and that the right people are put on the job.

Besides his unwavering support for his alma mater, and penchant for all things Italian, Dave is best known as EA’s most passionate advocate for collaboration and mentoring as a means to create the best quality and client value. Virtually everyone across EA’s geographically-dispersed offices knows him as “Uncle Dave,” the “corporate guy” who has a never-ending thirst for getting to know all at EA so their skills can be optimally used and careers further developed. We think of Dave and his history of tireless efforts when we reflect on how EA has developed into such an interdisciplinary and client-centered service leader.