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Information Management

Promoting Greater Productivity and Increasing Efficiencies

Getting our clients the information they need, when they need it, in a user-friendly format and a secure environment is the backbone of our information management practice. Here at EA, we specialize in system integration and application development including custom programming, internet networking and services, database design, data set development, computer server and web outsourcing, and field data collection technologies.

Developing Customized Solutions

EA has a proven record for developing reliable and customized applications to manage, analyze, and communicate information. The breadth of our experience matches the broad spectrum of our clientele, which includes government agencies, private industry, and non-profit organizations. To achieve our clients’ goals, we develop applications to meet the following requirements:

  • Implementing Best Management PracticesProject planning and management
  • Scientific data collection, storage, and analysis
  • Asset management
  • Environmental compliance tracking
  • Metrics monitoring and reporting
  • Analysis and reporting automation
  • Public relations management.

Implementing Best Management Practices

In developing applications, EA follows industry standards and Best Management Practices, i.e., the Software Development Life Cycle. As shown in the figure to the right, these critical steps are the very foundation of successful projects.

Maintaining the Highest Level of Data Security

EA maintains a secure hosting environment. Our web applications run behind a Checkpoint™ firewall, use redundant software, and are backed up nightly. Access is guaranteed through two redundant T1 lines, and all data associated with each web application are housed on separate servers located in a high security segment of our network. A users’ Help Desk provides our clients with immediate access to technical and application support. In addition, EA assists clients in transitioning applications to and from other hosting providers—minimizing downtime and impacts to users while maintaining data integrity and security.

A listing of the Information Management services we regular perform is shown below:

  • Application Design/Development
  • Database Design/Development
  • Data Management/Warehousing
  • Needs Assessment and Implementation Planning
  • System Hosting and Maintenance
  • System Training
  • System Implementation