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EA’s Commitment to Green Remediation Technologies

As a natural outgrowth to our commitment to sustainability, EA is promoting the use of green technologies and sustainable practices in the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. With sustainable or green remediation, our goals are to: (1) develop and implement safe remedial solutions that are minimally disruptive to the environment, (2) realize energy savings through creative design and value engineering, (3) utilize renewable energy sources when practical, (4) embrace waste minimization and recycling concepts, and (5) emit the least amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Our green remediation practices begin during the site investigation phase when, following EPA’s TRIAD approach, we maximize our use of real-time field measurements—minimizing laboratory-derived wastes and the carbon footprint associated with invasive drilling activities or multiple field mobilizations. During the feasibility study/design phase, we perform life-cycle analyses and compare remedial technologies based on sustainability metrics to consider short- and long-term energy and water consumption, air emissions, ecosystem impacts, material consumption, and waste minimization or recycling. When implementing sustainable technologies, we promote the use of environmentally preferred products and clean construction techniques, including the use of non-diesel equipment.

Recent examples of Green Remediation approaches employed by EA include the following:

There is a way to make a difference on every project. Harness your internal resources to find ways toward a more sustainable remedial effort, or contact us for assistance.