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Port of Tacoma
Tacoma, Washington

A long-term vision of the Port of Tacoma was to redevelop existing industrial properties located on approximately 550 acres within its Industrial Development District on the Blair-Hylebos peninsula in the City of Tacoma. The Redevelopment Project was planned to consist of a new terminal for a container shipping tenant; relocation and consolidation of an existing terminal tenant; expansion of a berth at the existing Washington United Terminal; and modifications to portions of the road, rail, and utility infrastructure on the peninsula to support terminal improvements.  The project included both upland and in-water demolition, dredging, and construction of buildings and infrastructure to enable terminal and road/rail improvements.  

EA provided input to the Port regarding environmental review and entitlement strategies and options during the conceptual design phase of the project.  The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) comprehensively addressed the various redevelopment elements.  EA coordinated with a team of eight technical consultants and the Port’s design engineering team through the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process.  In addition to managing and incorporating the technical analyses, EA prepared comprehensive EIS analyses in the areas of land use, relationship to plans and policies, aesthetics, and environmental justice.  The SEPA EIS was intended to support shoreline and other applicable construction permits from the City of Tacoma over build-out of the site.  The Final EIS was issued in February 2009.

Aerial view of the project area Aerial view of the project area
Aerial view of the project area Aerial view of the project area