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Prince George’s County
Department of Environmental Resources Management

EA has provided a broad range of professional services to Prince George’s County, Maryland, Department of Environmental Resources Management since 1993 in support of the successful operations of the Brown Station Road Sanitary Landfill in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. EA services include design documents, permitting, construction management, and various operational support tasks aiding in one of the nation’s showcase municipal landfill facilities with a variety of groups touring the facility from around the world. This facility accepts nearly 2,000 tons per day of waste and includes state-of-the-art disposal, gas collection and energy recovery, compliance, and onsite leachate treatment. EA has provided design and regulatory support, construction quality assurance services, and reporting for the 130-acre Area B disposal Cells 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 2, 11, and 1 of Area B and the 148 acre Area A closure.

EA has provided design services for gas collection, recovery, and economic use of landfill gas; design and installation of methane detection devices in service buildings; recommendation, design, and installation of a product recovery and groundwater capture pumping system to treat fuel-contaminated groundwater; leachate storage tanks mixing systems; back-generator to maintain power to the existing leachate pretreatment plant; and design of a SCADA-controlled valve and pump control system in the County’s 11 landfill cells, numerous stormwater management designs and permitting, and design and support on various site environmental projects. EA has also obtained permit modification approval for the vertical expansion of Area B providing over 2 million cubic yards of site capacity, and is currently in the process of providing design of the landfill closure. EA has developed facility compliance manuals for health and safety, emergency response manuals, stormwater pollution prevention plans, garage operations, recycle and waste collections, security, scale operations, wetlands maintenance plan, and groundwater monitoring standard operating procedures. EA has provided construction quality assurance and full-time resident inspection, and construction contract management services for over $40 million in construction. EA has participated in public meetings, expert testimony, and litigation support services on behalf of the County. Additionally, EA provided start-up and operated the onsite leachate pretreatment plant and leachate collection system for over 2 years discharging pretreated effluent.

EA also provides an annual topographic survey of the landfill in-place waste; density reporting of in-place waste; and provides operational stakeout, groundwater monitoring, methane monitoring, and waste conformance sampling and reporting.