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State & Municipal Government


Worcester County Department of Public Works

EA has provided a broad range of professional services to the Worcester County, Maryland, Department of Public Works since 1986. EA services have included development of design documents, permitting, construction management, and various operational support tasks aiding in efficient operation of both their solid waste operations as well as their water and wastewater infrastructure.

Solid Waste

Since 1986, EA has worked with Worcester County in support of the successful operations of the Central Landfill Facility (CLF) in Newark, Maryland. The CLF accepts municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris ranging from 100 to 500 tons per day. EA has been involved from the initial stages of site location and investigation and performed a detailed hydrogeological analysis for the CLF. Each landfill cell was designed as a bioreactor cell allowing the recirculation of leachate. In addition, EA has provided engineering services and regulatory support throughout the life of the CLF as well as construction quality assurance services for Cells 1 through 4. Engineering services included cell design, landfill gas collection, recovery and re-use, design of a leachate storage tank, SCADA system controls for pump stations, stormwater management and permitting, and the preparation of operations and maintenance manuals and standard operating procedures for the CLF. Further, EA has provided construction quality assurance, full-time resident inspection, and construction contract management services for over $30 million in construction. EA also performed a recycling feasibility study and designed a material recovery facility to increase the waste disposal life of the CLF. In addition to the CLF, EA has provided engineering services for the closure of three landfills throughout Worcester County. Engineering services included closure and post-closure design, wetland delineation and mitigation, groundwater and landfill gas monitoring, and construction quality assurance.


EA has provided engineering design services associated with water and wastewater for Worcester County, including water/sewer studies, environmental impact reports, wastewater pumping station upgrades, water tower design, SCADA control, and upgrades to wastewater treatment plants. Engineering services have included design, permitting, regulatory and public meetings, and construction quality assurance. EA has implemented a County-wide SCADA control system which allows Worcester County to easily monitor water towers, pump stations, and wastewater treatment plants. EA has also provided construction quality assurance for force main installation, pump station upgrades, wastewater treatment plan upgrades, and well upgrades.

Sanitary landfill services