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District of Columbia Water
Washington, D.C.

EA provided program management and oversight support services to the District of Columbia Water (DC Water) for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NPDES permit compliance program.

Specific management components include:

  • Oversight and coordination of compliance activities of multiple DC agencies responsible for stormwater management as required by the MS4 Permit
  • Preparation of NPDES permit application renewals for stormwater discharges
  • Preparation of Stormwater Management Plans
  • Development of Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plans, including coordination of Capital Improvement Program schedules among multiple DC agencies
  • Regulatory interaction with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Project Manager and compliance office
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct public meetings and hearings to provide the public opportunities to understand and comment on proposed stormwater management programs and documents
  • Development of Geographic Information Systems and internet web page
  • Development of Low Impact Design for stormwater.

MS4 NPDES Permit Administration--EA provided project management and permit compliance support for the MS4 NPDES Permit issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  EA also coordinated the administrative multi-agency task force meetings and prepared the program’s critical foundation documents such as annual reports, annual implementation plans, upgraded Stormwater Management Plans, and other deliverables required by the MS4 Permit.

The project utilized EA’s technical capabilities in stormwater pollution control and prevention to coordinate the activities of DC Water; DC Departments of Public Works, Transportation, and Health; together with the District’s Office of the Corporation Council.  EA assisted the District in preparation of public education materials and organized and conducted public hearings and informational meetings and other informal gatherings.

EA also provided financial and administrative services needed to evaluate DC Water, DC Department of Public Works, Department of Transportation, and Department of Health budgets to ascertain the level of funding in the annual budget pertaining to the work to be completed.

Stormwater Management Planning--EA drafted the Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plans that serve as the foundation for a Long-Term Control Plan for stormwater pollutants in the District. This task required research of the District’s current management plans and working with relevant entities, including Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works, and Department of Finance, to develop a working Stormwater Management Plan.  As part of this plan development, EA conducted field inspection and Global Positioning System locations of over 400 stormwater outfalls and created a geospatial database of the stormwater collection system.