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Site Investigation/Remediation


U.S. Army Environmental Command
Aberdeen, Maryland

EA was awarded a guaranteed performance-based contract to achieve Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act Response Complete or Remedy in Place at 16 sites. Sites include 6 sites with solvent contaminated groundwater, 2 former dumps, 5 sites with metals contamination in soil and sediment, 2 former small arms ranges, and 1 site with explosive contamination in soil/sediment and groundwater.

EA designed, installed, and operated groundwater remediation systems for 6 sites with chlorinated solvent contamination in groundwater. The treatment process is bioremediation and includes the recirculation of site groundwater that is amended with electron donor (lactate) and pH buffer (sodium carbonate) within a series of site injection and extraction wells. Systems are mobile and capable of moving between sites. EA continues to perform operation and maintenance and long-term monitoring at the sites. Direct injection of amendment was also performed at some sites.

Soil and sediment removal was performed at 5 former dump and disposal areas. Soil was disposed offsite and site closure was achieved. Onsite analysis was performed during the removal to minimize waste and subsequently reduce disposal cost.