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Wakefield, Nebraska

EA provided design and construction phase services for industrial wastewater facilities for Big Red Farms at an egg breaking facility near Wakefield, Nebraska. The project included an engineering survey, conceptual planning and design, a geological investigation, soil mechanics testing, preliminary design, final design, regulatory permitting, and construction phase services. Site data were evaluated to determine the feasibility of an onsite treatment system, analyze alternatives, and a conceptual design meeting was held with the owner. Geologic investigations included drilling soil borings, collecting samples for soil mechanics testing, and measurement of groundwater levels referenced to onsite control points. The preliminary and final designs included a design report, supporting calculations, plans, specifications, cost estimates, and other supporting information necessary for regulatory approval.

Construction services included the development and implementation of a construction quality assurance plan, a pre-construction conference, construction inspection and observation, testing of materials, and documentation of conditions and quantities. Upon completion of construction, a post-construction inspection was conducted and as-built drawings were submitted to the owner.