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Linde North America, Inc.

EA has provided professional engineering services for the preparation, amendment, implementation, and inspection and certification of spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans for Linde since 2003. The Oil Pollution Prevention regulation, promulgated under the Clean Water Act, set forth a requirement for the prevention of, preparedness for and response to oil discharges at non-transportation facilities. Facilities were/are required to develop and implement SPCC plans that establish procedures and protocols to prevent the discharge of oil to navigable waterways. SPCC plans are not submitted to a regulatory agency, rather the regulations require the plan be followed and in accordance with best management practices. Compliance with the plan is reviewed during site audits/inspections. EA has provided both preparation and auditing of SPCC plans at facilities with oil storage capacities over 10,000 gallons at sites located nationwide. Engineering certification of SPCC plans was completed through detailed site inspections, photo documentation, operational questionnaires, follow-up recommendations, and documented facility compliance with recommendations. EA’s managerial experience and value engineering services are reflected in the consistency of facility inspections, grouping of nationwide sites to allow for multiple inspections under limited travel budgets, program coordination with client managers and facility representatives, and the utilization of clients’ Integrated Management System and Standards for seamless coordination and compliance of facilities’ environmental requirements and practices.

EA’s inspectors have conducted multiple facility audits at a wide variety of industrial sites. Specifically, EA managed the engineering certifications of SPCC Plans on a nationwide scale for Linde, North America, Inc., a national provider of compressed gases. Program management with Linde client managers and facility contacts provided significant cost savings while maintaining a streamlined project schedule for successful completion of facilities certifications. EA consulted with client managers and facility representatives on issues pertaining to oil/water separator flow rates, secondary storage capacity compliance, preferential discharge pathways, storm drain management, facility outfall locations, loading and unloading practices, fuel island spill containment equipment, and general housekeeping measures. EA provided guidance and specifications to Linde facilities that required the installation of additional secondary containment measures, stormwater drain protection, updating of oil storage site plan maps, and implementation of master flow and drain valve security measures. EA was able to certify over 20 Linde facilities in multiple states in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations.