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Munitions Response Services


U.S. Army

Since 2005, EA has supported the Department of the Army’s Operational Range Assessment Program (ORAP). Operational range assessments are part of the Army’s overall Sustainable Range Program, which ensures that the Army has the best available data to support operational ranges and military training. In accordance with DoD Directive 4715.11 Operational Range Assessment Program Quote 1 and DoD Instruction 4715.14, ORAP is the process where the Army evaluates the potential for migration of munitions constituents of concern (MCOC) from operational range areas to surrounding areas, and the potential for this to cause unacceptable human health or ecological risks. EA conducted ORAP Phase I Qualitative Assessments at 183 Army National Guard, Active Army, and Army Reserve Installations across the Northeast, Southeast, West, and Pacific Installation Management Command Regions.

Operational Range Assessment Program Quote 2

For those sites where a potential source-receptor interaction was identified, such as Fort A.P. Hill, VA, EA is supporting the Army by conducting Phase II Quantitative Assessments, including sampling of surface water, sediment, groundwater, and benthic macroinvertebrates to determine the potential risk to off-range receptors.

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