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Integrated Management Systems



Maryland Department of Transportation

In 2005, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and its modal agencies made the decision to develop and implement compliance-focused environmental management systems to increase and sustain their overall compliance with environmental requirements. EA was there at the beginning of this effort, serving as the key consultant to several of the modal agencies and helping them develop their compliance programs and overarching environmental management systems from the ground up. EA’s efforts to date have included compliance assessments at 101 transportation facilities, including Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport, organizational consulting and development of roles and responsibilities, development and implementation of medium-specific (e.g., Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and general environmental awareness training programs, development and implementation of comprehensive aboveground and underground storage tank management and repair programs, industrial hygiene consulting, sustainability planning, development and quarterly/annual tracking and reporting of performance metrics, and numerous other activities. In several cases, the programs developed jointly by EA and the modal agencies were entirely new; EA worked with State Highway Administration personnel to field-test compliance activities associated with these programs and provided media-specific training to minimize program implementation time. EA also developed and hosts comprehensive environmental management information systems for two modal agencies; the environmental management information systems are web-based, password protected applications that included regulated assets, functions for tracking and documenting compliance activities, and scheduling and statistical review. The results of EA’s ongoing partnership with MDOT’s modal agencies are decisive and measurable; several of EA’s key project team members have been formally recognized by our clients, and the Maryland State Highway Administration received a 2009 President’s Transportation Award from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials in recognition of its environmental compliance programs.