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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND                                               KNOWN DISTANCE RANGE REMEDIATION

U.S. Army Environmental Command
Aberdeen, Maryland

EA performed the removal, stabilization, and offsite disposal of 16,000 tons of soil at two former small arms ranges at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Remediation was conducted under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act with a cleanup remedial goal of 1,000 mg/kg of total lead. The process involved clearing and grubbing, excavation and transportation to a central area of the site. Excavated soil was then screened to separate the soil into various size fractions. The fraction containing the recovered bullets was then screened and a pneumatic density separation process was used to separate the bullets from sand. Over 16 tons of bullets were recovered and recycled.


All excavated soil was stabilized using a proprietary stabilization agent (Ecobond). Treated soil was recycled and used offsite as daily landfill cover. Over $1 million in costs savings were attributed to onsite processing of the soil prior to disposal versus offsite disposal as a hazardous waste.