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Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

EA conducted a cross connection and backflow prevention survey at Andersen Air Force Base to verify the condition of existing backflow prevention devices and evaluate the potential for any cross connections from existing or potential future buildings. EA surveyed more than 191 buildings, including car washes, medical facilities, veterinary clinics, petroleum storage buildings, fire departments, and commercial laundries. EA reviewed the 191 building floor plans and maintenance records for the water system and plumbing devices and systems including chiller and boiler, swimming pool, mechanical rooms, pump houses, fire suppression systems, laboratory sinks, and film processing equipment.

Based on a thorough study and detailed visual inspections, EA identified 49 buildings, which required the installation of a new approved backflow prevention devices or required improvements made to the existing backflow prevention devices. Furthermore, based on existing maintenance records, EA identified and developed a reoccurring work program to meet the requirements of AFI 32-1066 and the Uniform Plumbing Code and to assure adequate protection of the water supply by keeping track of new devices, performing regular testing and repairs, and standardizing the devices.