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Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning to Support Project Planning

EA works with our clients’ project development teams to develop projects that meet their needs and provide an appropriate level of environmental protection or enhancement. Through this early involvement in the planning process, we can make sure that all information relevant to environmentally sensitive areas, permitting requirements, community planning goals, stakeholder acceptance, and cumulative effects of the project are considered. Our environmental scientists and planners are well versed in working with project development teams including engineers, economists, and program managers. Through this approach, we have saved federal, state, municipal, and private clients countless months of schedule delay and millions of dollars in cost.

Employing Highly Capable Professionals

Our environmental staff consist of a diverse array of professionals that understand the environmental regulatory and planning frameworks affecting our clients’ operations, processes, and development. They readily incorporate new ideas in their development and integration of best management strategies and mitigation measures. In short, our staff will work hand in hand with your project team to identify the best approach for implementing your plan.

Using Communication as an Effective Tool

In the current environmental climate, consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders is essential to the acceptance and timely completion of new projects. Consulting with stakeholders through the public involvement process, EA’s goal is to enhance mutual understanding of the project and facilitate partnership and collaboration. Our professional staff is specially trained to engage the community through extension and outreach efforts. By using communication as an effective tool, EA fosters public participation and full disclosure, as well as agency consultation.

Listed below is a selection of Environmental Planning services we perform regularly:

  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure Planning
  • Energy Facilities Planning Support
  • Dredged Material Management Plans
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Civil Works Planning
  • IFIM and Water Supply Studies
  • Siting/Routing/Capacity Studies
  • GIS Analysis of Environmental Constraints
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Sustainability Analysis
  • Community Outreach Support
  • Community Planning Services (Subarea/Master Planning)
  • Land Use Entitlement and Permitting
  • Land Use Code Development
  • Regulatory and Policy Research