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Employee Ownership

EA is proud to be a 100% employee-owned public benefit corporation (PBC). PBCs are a new class of corporation designed to enable for-profit corporations to produce tangible public benefits while operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. Given EA’s environmentally-focused mission, our employees’ interest in supporting their local communities, and our commitment to sustainable business practices, EA is well-aligned to operate as a PBC.

The firm has long recognized that our people are our most important asset, and that an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) enables EA employees and their families to directly benefit from the company’s success.

EA’s ESOP is designed to provide an ownership interest in Company stock for employees—the people who are primarily responsible for the Company’s success. The ESOP is intended to provide EA employees with a meaningful stake in the Company, future economic security, and ultimately, an additional source of retirement income.

Some may see it as a way of doing business, a philosophical approach, or even an attitude. Here at EA, we strive to create an ownership culture in which people excel and flourish, and a work environment that fosters productivity, profitability, and excitement.

This gives our professional staff the compelling benefits of individual attention, flexibility, an entrepreneurial spirit, and multidisciplinary teamwork within a nationwide organization that is economically stable and resourceful.

If you are a talented individual who is dedicated to your work and intrigued by the concept of employee ownership, please go to our Careers section to find out more about employment opportunities available at EA.

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