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2017 Publications and Platform Presentations

SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota (November)


Exploring Freshwater Species Sensitivity to Environmentally Persistent PFAS and PFAS Mixtures
Authors: M. Chanov and M. Jirsa

The Identification and Confirmation of Ionic Imbalance as an Effluent Toxicant for a Drinking Water Production Facility
Authors: M. Chanov, W. McCulloch, M. Jirsa, M. Durbano, and J. Biondo

The Identification of Total Dissolved Solids as the Primary Effluent Toxicant for an Industrial Manufacturing Facility
Authors: M. Jirsa, M. Chanov, W. McCulloch, and J. Biondo

2017 AWRA Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon (November)

Thermal Storage Zone Development, City of Kennewick, Washington Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project
Author: P. Brown
Presenter: E. Haas

2017 American Shore and Beach Preservation Association National Coastal Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (October)

Evaluation of Coastal Shoreline Restoration and Coastal Protection
Authors: C. John and J. Yost

Perdue Environmental Managers’ Offsite Forum, Ocean City, Maryland (October)

Hazardous/Universal Waste
Author: J. Kumm

EPRI Great Lakes 316(b) Interest Group 2017 Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (September)


Characterization of Annual Entrainment at Great Lakes Power Plants
Author: R. King

Innovation and Strategies Used to Meet 316(b) Entrainment Requirements at Dairyland’s Madgett and Genoa Generating Stations
Author: J. Rager

Appalachian Festival Symposium, Frostburg, Maryland (September)

Embracing Conscious Capitalism: EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
Author: M. Battle

SWANA’s WASTECON, Baltimore, Maryland (September)

An Innovative Approach to Remediation at a Closed Landfill
Authors: M. Hertz, L. Oakes, and M. Phillips

ESRI User Conference, San Diego, California (July)

Automation Increases Planning, Civic Engagement, and Transparency
Author: J. Samus

Summer American Water Resources Association Conference – Climate Change Solutions, Tysons, Virginia (June)

Adaptation Planning: West Coast
Author: D. Nazy

International Association of Great Lakes Research Annual Conference, Detroit, Michigan (May)

Assessment of Contaminated Sediments in the Detroit River and Comparison with Historical Use Data
Authors: R. Darnton, K. Kowalk, and S. Corum

Pacific Northwest Section – American Water Works Association Regional Conference, Kennewick, Washington (May)


Kennewick Aquifer Storage and Recovery Feasibility Assessment
Author: E. Haas

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Technology Overview: Applications, Benefits, and Project Development Needs
Author: P. Brown

City of Kennewick Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Pilot Test Design for Thermal Storage Zone Development
Author: P. Brown

4th International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Miami, Florida (May)

Bioremediation of Munitions Constituents
Co-Chairs: R. Hanoski and P. Caprio

The Influence of Complex Fractured Bedrock on In Situ Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of TCE
Author: F. Barranco

2017 Pacific Island Forestry Professionals Workshop, Tumon Bay, Guam (April)

Little Fire Ants (Wasmannia auropunctata)
Author: J.A. Duay

SETAC Chesapeake Potomac Regional Chapter Annual Spring Meeting, Annapolis, Maryland (April)

The Identification of Total Dissolved Solids and the Primary Effluent Toxicant for an Industrial Manufacturing Facility
Authors: M. Jirsa, M. Chanov, W. McCulloch, and J. Biondo

NROC/NALCC Science Delivery Workshop: Using Technology and Emerging Practices to Improve Tidal Marsh Habitat Resiliency, Gloucester, Massachusetts (April)

Non-Structural Restoration Techniques: Thin Layer Deposition Applications in the Northeast
Participant: S. Whitin

Employee Ownership Conference 2017, Denver, Colorado (April)

Is Benefit Corporation Adoption Right for My Company
Chair/Panelists: I. MacFarlane and P. Ney

The Institute of Internal Auditors Environmental Health and Safety Exchange, Houston, Texas (April)

EA’s Business Case for Sustainability
Author: B. Lesinski

RemTec Summit 2017, Denver, Colorado (March)


Field Scale Pilot Study of Chromium Reduction and ERD in a Declared Aquifer
Author: J. Snyder


Biosparging Pilot Test in Confined Aquifer
Author: J. Snyder

Influence of Bedrock Fracturing Versus Bedding in Affecting In Situ Bioamendment Delivery and Performance
Author: F. Barranco

In Situ Sequestration of Arsenic from Groundwater Seeps using Reactive Media
Author: F. Barranco

TUGIS – Maryland’s Geospatial Conference, Towson, Maryland (March)

Salt Marsh Habitat Restoration: Combining a Representative Field Study and Geospatial Analyses
Authors: E. Yan, A. Hunt, and S. Whitin

Reporting on Snow Operations
Author: B. Schrayshuen

2017 WEDA Midwest Chapter Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska (March)

Standardizing Visual Characterization of NAPL in Sediment Cores to Facilitate Remedial Decision-Making
Authors: M. Ciarlo, M. Gelinas, and J. Beaver

Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference, San Diego, California (February)

Collaborative 316(b) Study of Seven Ohio River Power Plants
Author: G. Seegert

Pacific Water Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii (February)

Linking Groundwater to Coral Reefs Management Bob Whittier, Hawaii Department of Health
Author: J. Delevaux

Intersecting Land and Sea Planning to Restore Nearshore Fisheries in Hawaii: An Assessment of Two Ahupua’a at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
Author: J. Delevaux

Maryland Stream Restoration Association Seminar and Job Fair, College Park, Maryland (February)

The Role of the Ecologist in Stream Restoration Projects
Author: S. Koser

9th International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, New Orleans, Louisiana (January)


Amendments for Sediment Dewatering and Strength Improvement: Examining Treatability Study and Design Compared to Remedy Construction
Authors: J. Beaver, K. Kowalk, C. Kiehl-Simpson, M. Bowman, J. Trombino, M, Ciarlo, R. Short, and P. Derrick

A Century of Utilities: Investigating Underwater Utilities to Support Remedial Design for the Lower Rouge River Old Channel
Authors: M. Ciarlo, M. Bowman, J. Beaver, and P. Weber


Developing Tools for Estimating Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Volume in Sediment Cores via Visual Characterization in the Field
Authors: M. Ciarlo, R. Short, F. Barranco, P. Derrick, J. Klassen, M. Gelinas, and J. Beaver

Navigating the National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 and Tribal Consultation Processes on the Spirit Lake Sediment Remediation Project
Authors: K. McCormick, J. Beaver, and J. Aaron

Setting Sediment Depth Intervals for Data Usability: Lessons Learned from Great Lakes Case Studies
Authors: M. Ciarlo, P. Derrick, M. Gelinas, and K. Kowalk