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2018 Publications and Platform Presentations

2018 Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites – East, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (April)


Designing Sediment Remediation in a Complex Urban Waterway: Lessons Learned from the Lower Rouge River Old Channel Sediment Remediation Design
Authors: M. Ciarlo, J. Beaver, L. Rief, J. Trombino, and K. McCormick

Performance-Based Contracting – A Contractor’s Perspective and Lessons Learned
Authors: M. Hertz and P. Caprio

Adapted Remedial Investigation Scope for Accelerated Vapor Intrusion Evaluation
Authors: T. McMillan and J. Snyder

DoD Small Business Training Week – Southeast Regional Council Workshop, New Orleans, Louisiana (April)

EA’s Small Business Program: Implementation of Industry Best Practices
Author: M. Smith

11th International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, Palm Springs, California (April)


Geologic Modeling and Digital Visualization of Complex Data Sets: A Contaminant Fate and Transport Fractured Bedrock Case Study
Author: J. Drummond

TCE Source Area Investigation in Fractured Bedrock Using Phytoscreening and Membrane Interface Probe Sampling at a Former Landfill
Author: K. Fox


LNAPL Remediation Combining Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction with Concurrent Injection of a Carbon-Based Amendment
Author: F. Barranco

Lessons Learned in Optimizing Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction of a Former Dry Cleaner Site
Author: S. Saalfield

EUEC 2018, San Diego, California (March)


Inter-Year Variability in Impingement and Entrainment Rates
Authors: G. Seegert, J. Rager, and J. Vondruska

Energy and Air Pollution Reduction from Cogeneration at Johns Hopkins
Author: J. Kumm

Emerging Contaminants Summit, Westminster, Colorado (March)


Exploring Freshwater Species Sensitivity to Environmentally Persistent PFAS and PFAS Mixtures
Authors: J. Suski and M. Chanov

Nebraska Statewide Perfluorinated Compounds Inventory
Author: D. Bigbee
Presenter: A. Schroeder

Response to PFC-Impacted Drinking Water Source at Moose Creek Community, Alaska
Author: P. Caprio
Presenter: C. Kyhl

33rd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, Annapolis, Maryland (March)

An Innovative Passive Approach to Remediation on a Closed Landfill
Authors: L. Oakes, M. Hertz, and M. Philips

AWWA Hawaii Section Western Pacific Subsection Water/Wastewater Conference, Tumon, Guam (March)

Practical Solutions for Onsite System Design
Author: J. Jaskowski

University of Guam Environmental Conference, Tumon, Guam (March)

EPA Source Tracking Project
Author: J. Jaskowski

National 8(a) Association Small Business Conference, Nashville, Tennessee (February)

Navigating the Mentor Protégé Process Including Joint Ventures and the New Small Business Administration All Small Program
Author: F. Meyer

2018 Delaware Wetlands Conference, Wilmington, Delaware (February)

Incorporating Diatom Collection and Analysis in Combination with Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Fisheries Sampling to Describe a More Holistic Representation of Water Quality Conditions
Authors: S. Koser and B. Cox