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Doing Business with EA
(Vendors and Subcontractors)

EA is committed to delivering the right solutions to our clients on each assignment we undertake. In an ever-complex world, oftentimes such solutions require the assemblage of a team of consultants, contractors, and vendors to get the job done right. When such challenges are presented to EA, we search high and far to assemble the best possible team to meet or exceed our client’s objectives, taking into consideration such factors as quality of service, commitment to safe work practices, price competitiveness, and financial stability.


EA’s insurance requirements are stated in our Terms and Conditions. EA requires our subcontractors to name EA as an additional insured (except for Workers Compensation and Professional Liability insurance). If the nature of the work requires additional types of insurance, then EA shall communicate these additional insurance requirements in advance of subcontract award.

Terms and Conditions

EA’s terms and conditions apply to most of our subcontractors. EA’s generic service order agreement may include additional prime contract flowdowns. We have separate terms and conditions for analytical services and a generic purchase order.

Your company should also maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and laws associated with your trade, service, or products. A demonstrated commitment to safety and quality is essential, as is strict adherence to generally accepted accounting principles, and compliance with any applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations clauses.