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Additional Toxicity Testing

EA's toxicological staff are experienced with the breadth of toxicology tests (e.g., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ASTM International, and Standard Methods) required for industrial and municipal wastewaters, dredged materials, sediments, soils, new chemical products, and solid waste leachates.

Additional toxicological capabilities include the following:

  • Algal growth inhibition studies
  • Effluent treatability studies
  • Solid waste leachate bioassays in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Instream (ambient) bioassays and biomonitoring
  • Behavioral studies with fish and invertebrates (preference/avoidance, locomotor activity)
  • Emergency accidental spill testing, combining laboratory and field bioassays
  • New product testing.